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I hate to Love Him. Episode 18 (Finale)

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I Hate To Love Him

episode 18
lola’s POV

3years later…….

I looked to the left, there I saw a huge crowd sitting on
the chairs. It was difficult to spot my parents,at first, but after
I looked around I saw them.

They were on the 7th row. To my right were the school faculty. They looked all happy, so were most parents.

Of course, I sat in front of Noah, he woke up late, so I couldn’t wait for him. He looked so good that I couldn’t even focus on what was been said on the podium. I smiled at the idea of me finally becoming a quantity surveyor. All those years of writing assignments and exams was finally over. I was finally a graduate.

After about an hour, the event came to an end. As people rushed outside to the field.

Most people in laughed and jumped around , while some took pictures with their friends and family. I stood at the entrance of the hall and saw Noah . I managed to pull him and push him through the crowd so that we could take pictures.

“lola” I heard the familiar voice called, it was my mom. I rushed towards her and gave her a hug, she almost stumbled. she laughed and i cried on her shoulder.

I felt tears burn through my eyes as it threatened to stream down my face.

I controlled my emotions.

It was basically tears of joy though, but then again, I wished my best friend was here with me. I wish she was alive to witness this day. To be part of people who laughed around and hugged their families.

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” Good afternoon sir” I heard Noah greet my dad, I pulled from my mum and saw Noah postrating for my dad. I giggled and pulled my mom.

“mum, you remember Noah” I asked her face changed immediately, as she frowned her face. I guess she remembered him, back when I was through with secondary school, I told my mum all the bad things Noah did to me. How He bullied me and turned everyone against me.

“he’s my boyfriend” I whispered into her ear. Her face softened.

You see the thing was, I told mum about a guy who I fell in love with, but I always skipped the part where he was the same guy that bullied me in the past.

She pulled him into a hug, while i called a photographer and we all took pictures together.

lola’s POV

Well it’s been four years after I graduated, things had been great. I got a great job, so did Noah.

He had called me like an hour ago to be sure if I was home. I had prepared some fried rice for him and kept watching a movie while I waited for him.

I heard the sound of my doorbell and I rushed to get the door. I hugged Noah as soon he entered and I kissed him. He smiled at me when we broke the kiss.

I pulled him towards the dinning table and served him his meal.

Five minutes later he was done with eating, he joined on the three-seater chair.

I caught him starring at me and I winked, he grinned and scratched the back of his neck.

what’s up with him, I thought

I returned my attention to the movie, but I could still feel his eyes burn through the side of my face.

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“What’s wrong Noah” i said, curiously.

“Lola, I wanted everything to be perfect for…. for ..you “. He stuttered and I narrowed my eyes.

I stared at him,I was quiet and confused at the same time. Noah kept fumbling with his pocket, he just kept fidgettjng. I finally broke the silence “is everything okay?”. I asked.

Noah didn’t reply, instead he pulled a ring out from his pocket.

“lola,” Noah began, “I still remember when we were younger and I saw you for the first time in class,you sat alone that day, I could still remember you had this perfect tiny corn rows on your head, I was barely 12, but ihad always vowed I would talk to you that say, but I was too scared, you looked more matured than most of us…then when we finally spoke it was you standing up for Rose. I was so childish then you know… I had always wished things could just start over and I could tell you how I felt. I was a coward. Then I was given a second chance when we met again in the university, I guess we were probably meant to be together”.

” it doesn’t really matter Noah… I forgave you a long time ago”. I cleaned the tears off my face.

” it matters Lola, because ever since the day I saw you. I had always imagined you being my girl forever.

I cried and shook my head.

” Lola you complete me… you are more like my other half, my partner in crime. you are that girl who forgave me even when I didn’t deserve to be forgiven”

Noah stood up and got on one knee
began to cry and covered my mouth with one hand and allowed the tears to
fall down my cheeks. He reached for his pocket and brought out his handkerchief, I took it from him and dried my tears.

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“lola ademola will you marry me?”

“Yes…yes..yes” I screamed . He slipped the ring on my finger and I pulled him into a hug.

You know to some people it wouldn’t really make any sense,

me falling In love with someone I would term as a villain,a bully. but well people do change.

He was a villain who became my hero,

This is my story, or let’s say our story.

The story of how I fell in love with my secondary school bully.