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I hate to Love Him. Episode 6 and 7

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I Hate To Love Him

episode 6

Ade’s face was covered in blood as he lay there not moving. I rushed to where he was when I noticed he was still breathing which made me heave a sigh of relief.

I gave Noah a look of disbelief which made him shrug ” the idiot deserved it” he straightened his wrinkled shirt and dust of some diets on his jeans. Ade stood up and tried to swing a punch at Noah from the back but Danladi was quick to lunch another punch at him, he shoved ade to the wall and held on to the collar of his polo ” back off”.

Noah held my wrist and pulled me away while Danladi walked back to the party.

“let me take you home” Noah said.

“no!” I snapped .

“what’s wrong … with you.. I just risked my life for you”

“you see… that is the problem ‘risked’ .. what if he hurt you” I cried .

“well he didn’t” he scoffed .

we walked silently back to my house. when we got to my house i fumbled with the keys which made Noah take it from me and open the door. I entered my room and dropped my bag on the floor. I walked to the table and took my face wipe to remove my make-up. Noah stood at the door and gave me a weak smile “I’ll see you tomorrow”

“please stay with me” I said in a shaky voice .He gazed at me in amazement before walking into my room……

lola’s pov

I woke up to the smell of food from the kitchen. I turned around on the bed as I searched around with my hands trying to touch Noah , I opened my eyes when I realised he wasn’t beside me.

I got up from the bed. I walked into the kitchen while squinting my eyes.

“Noah I didn’t know you’d be up this early” I said surprised. I gulped a bit when I see him turn around. ‘uhmmm …..and why aren’t you having your shirt on?” I arched my left brow in question. He laughed and returned his attention to what he was doing.

I cleared my throat and glanced at him, he was busy mixing eggs with spice. I heaistated a little then walked to where he was. “let me finish it up for you” I made to collect the fork from him.

“don’t worry am almost done, I cooked this potatoes too” he said pointing toward the peeled skin of potatoes left on the side of the sink.

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” Am surprised” I said.

“about what?” He asked .

” It’s not common seeing a guy cook for a girl”. I fixed my eyes on him waiting for his response. he simply frowned a little and shook his head. “it’s like you get this ideas in your head and act like you know a lot about every guy. I am not a chauvunist, so me cooking isn’t even a big deal. besides my mum……was….. . You know what never mind” he let out a heavy sigh.

“well I don’t know much about other guys, but I know you too well” I scoffed.

” Okay….” he replied sounding less concerned about anything I had to say.

” You bullied me for years …rememb-?”

“Are we still on this? Noah flared “I already apologised to you” his eyes were now red.

“look just because you beat someone up for me ….doesn’t make you are any better” I shot back. Noah looked dejected. He switched off the gas and walked out of the kitchen. I followed seconds later.

“where are you going?” I asked

“home” he replied. Not caring to acknowledge my presence.

“I was just pulling your legs” I tried to seize his arm,but he gently removes it from qrasp.

” No you weren’t. You believe you know me too well” he replied “but you know nothing”. He went straight for the door and left me standing.


“Noah” I called out as I tried to push through the crowd in front of my faculty. I had lecture by 9:am but I needed to talk to Noah. I had called him a number of times on his phones but he wouldn’t pick my calls.

I don’t get why he’s angry with me, but I needed to apologise and just get this over with.

I stopped to catch my breath before calling out his name again, this time he looked back, with a frown. He stopped walking, which allowed me to catch up.

“why are you even ignoring me?” I let out a heavy breath.

“uh… why would I ignore you?” He asked .

“gosh! stop feigning innocence” I was frustrated by his response.

it was understandable if he didn’t want to talk to me, but that didn’t give him any reason to act so insensitive. I glare at him and he gave me a nonchalant shrug.

” You know what?…screw you” I tapped his chest with my fingers which made him stagger before walking off.

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“come on ..” he sprints after me ” ok … Am sorry”

“well you should be. I was only pulling your legs. but you took it way too personal”. I replied.

” why won’t i?” He looked at me intently. he was obviously angry.

“I should be the one getting all angry, not you…. You led me on into thinking we had a thing-” I was enraged. people gave us stares but I didn’t care.

Noah let’s out a loud grunt. “that girl is not even my girlfriend, yes we had a thing… but that’s it .. just a thing”

“hmm… Am sure that’ll be the same thing you’d te other girls when you are done with me” I replied.

“I can’t believe you’d say this….I like you a lot” he slides his finger through his hair in frustration.

I shooked my head and looked at him straight in the eye ” then prove it”. I walked straight into the lecture room.

episode 7
The next two hours of lecture was a bit boring. I couldn’t concentrate on what the lecturer taught us, he just kept going on and on about a topic which made me wish I had just stayed home. I kept playing candy crush on my phone.

” So class this is going to be a group work, you’ll be grouped according to your matric numbers” the lecturer said.

I was extremely happy when he carried his books and left the class.

As soon as I got to know my group members, I dashed out of the lecture room and went for my next lecture. I quickened my steps when I saw ‘ the girl’s who attacked me. she was chatting gleefully with her friends. I turned around immediately to take the other stair case when I heard her call me. as much as she was beautiful, I hated her voice.

“hey” she gave me a mona-lisa kind of smile which made me so uncomfortable.

‘this girl is so fake’. I thought within.

I looked away and adjusted the straps of my bag.

“hi” I replied coldly. I resented her so much even though I know little about her, the little I knew was enough for me. I mean what normal person would blame me for being friendly with Noah. she didn’t know our story. we’ve been practically enemies for a long time, now that I’ve finally got to know how nice he is, I would do anything to keep him as mine

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“its still funny he left me for you”. she kept gesturing with her small hands in a way that irritates me. I kept my cool and let out a soft sigh.

” Am sorry ….who?” I asked . she fumed at me and her face turned sour which made chuckle. I love the fact that I was really getting under her skin.

“look here You idiot….. he’s mine, you better stay away” she roared.

“I still don’t know what you are on about….. Anyway.. I’ll see you around” I gave her a disdainful look and walked away.




I walked into the lecture hall trying to search for rose. she had told me she was going to ditch the first lecture but was going to show up for URP 103.

I found a seat and sat down. I took out my phone , attached it’s earpiece to eat and plug it into my ears. I felt someone tap me which made me look back……..


lola’s POV

“I came to check on you” he said and I avoid his gaze.

I fumbled with the door knob confused on what to do. I felt like shutting the door on him, but then again I wanted to spend the whole day with him.

I had ditched lectures today because I had a little stomach upset, I couldn’t look after myself all day because rose had travelled to get some food stuffs, so it was more like a blessing he visited.

I step aside and let him in.

“rose called me….have you used any drugs?” He looked concerned which made me feel like pulling him into a tight hug. I gave him a soft nod.

slumped back on my bed and drank the water next to me. The water made feel like throwing up but i had no choice but to finish it up because of the powdered drugs I had put in it. Noah sat next to me and brought out some discs.

“I brought some films….I don’t know what you would like” he took out his laptop and showed me the CD’s

I looked through all the films and one caught my attention.

“kill Bill?… I have been looking for this film” I exclaimed excitedly and played the film. he gave me a smile which showed he was pleased by the way I reacted.