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I hate To Love Him. Episode 8

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I Hate To Love Him

episode 8

“I really liked this film” I smiled and nudged Noah’s arm. He scrunched his face pretending to feel the pain on his arm. ” Am glad you did”. He took my hand in his palm which made me shudder. I drew my hand back immediately.

” Am still mad at you Noah” . I paused waiting for his response, he kept his gaze and acted calm.

” The girl thinks you are her boyfriend”

“am not” he retorted.

“she really likes you Noah ….I …. don’t even think am a match sef, she’s so pretty-”

“you are pretty too”. Noah took my hands back in his hands. He had a way of looking at me that always make me feel like drawing him closer and kiss him.

He stared into my eyes and licked his lips which made its colour more prominent. I leaned in for a kiss but he pulled back. I was astonished by his action but he simply smiled.

” am not going to kiss you, until you believe me…. Lola that girl isn’t even my type”.

“stop acting like she’s just some girl jor”. I wrinkled my face and pout my mouth which made him chuckle.

“what’s her name?” I asked

” Why would you need her name”. He looked so confused.

“I just want to know jor”

“Ife” he replied.

” Oh okay”. I cleared my throat and crossed my arms loosely on my chest.

lola’s POV

“Why won’t this girl just leave me alone now” . I let out a groan, Rose gave me a questioning look and handed my phone to her.

” Why would any normal person send this to someone…. don’t mind her Lola…. she’s just bluffing”. Rose returned the phone to me and gave me a reassuring smile. I sighed heavily , took the phone from her and kept it in my bag. I had been getting crazy text messages from Ife for the past one week. How she got my number is what I don’t even know.

I initially thought it was all a joke, but right now telling me she’d rip my face off isn’t something i can joke with. This message sent a chill down my spine.

I couldn’t concentrate throught the days lectures. I rushed home and left Rose in school.

‘ I have to tell Noah’ i thought within . He is the only one who could stop her from sending further messages to me. I dialled his number as soon as I got home.

‘the number you’ve dialled is not available at the moment , plea…..’ I cut the phone and slumped on my bed. I couldn’t think straight but I forced my body to cooperate. I slowly fell asleep in my room, the o my place I co sidered safe from harm’s way.

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she launched a punch at my face which made me fall to the ground. I tried to get back on my feet but I was too late, she sat on me and scratched my face with her disgusting long nails.

I screamed for Rose but she just stood there fear written all over face.

Ife stood up and rolled me in the mud, she sat on my back , this time she kept hitting me with a big hard stone.

just when I thought my life would be over soon, Rose pushed her off me and they both rolled, each struggling to over power the other. in split seconds Rose took the stone from her and kept smashing her face with it.

I weakly stood up and held Rose’s hand , I stared at ife’s blood covered face and I couldn’t even recognise her any longer.

I kept crying and scream “she dead! oh my God!”

I screamed loud enough to make rose startled.

“are you okay. You sounded like you were crying” she had a concerned look on her face. I decided against telling her, she would only think am been paranoid…………..

Lola POV

I stood in front of Noah’s apartment and dialled his number, he picked it up at first ring.

In a few seconds he came out to meet me. ” why didn’t you just knock on my door, rather than calling me” he furrowed his eyebrows.

” Am…… sorry. look I came to talk to you about Ife” I exhaled and looked at him.

He squinted his eyes ” what’s with Ife this time”.

“she’s been threatening me”.

He put his arms around my neck and we walked into his apartment.

” are you sure it’s her?” He looked confused.

“oh! do you have other girls I should be worried about” I flared.

” hey, come down….. okay?”. He sat down on his bed and motioned me to sit too. He gave me a weak smile which made me return it a glare.

I was so not in the mood for a smile or whatsoever. I needed those text messages to stop.

“you need to talk to her…… Am so scared right now,I’ve been having dreams”

Noah put his palm on his lips trying to hold back his laughter. I punched him a little and gave him i-am-serious look which made him stop laughing.

He leaned on his back and stared at the ceiling.

“those messages are scary Noah…..please tell her to stop”

“oh……Kay okay! I will. but I don’t think you should take her seriously”

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I glared at him. I stood up and went for the door .

I turned at the doorway to look at him “just help me talk to her… please”. I walked out of his room and went back home.


Noah’s POV

“Ife you have to stop all this crap!”. she just kept looking at me. I felt like smashing her face but I had to be a gentle man.

“I don’t even know what you are talking about” she replied.

“next time she gets any message from you…. I swear you’ll regret ever knowing me” I shouted.

she wiped the tears on her face” you are threatening me beacuase of that idiot”.

“I don’t care…… just.. just stop messaging her”. I shook my finger at her, in a bid to warn her and stepped back. I gave her one last look then walked off.


I sat in the lecture room while the lecturer spoke, we had ARC101. “lola” I felt someone tap me from the back, I turned around and smiled at him.

Ife had stopped sending me messages. in fact anytime she sees me, she always avoids me like a plague.

Rose and I went out on several dates with Danladi and Noah (double dates). As for ade, haven’t been seeing much of him to my relief.

“what’s up” he smiled at me and I chuckled ” we’ll talk after class…..”. He smiled and started jotting.


“lola”. Noah grabbed my wrist.

“Noah” I smiled.

“i was thinking if we could hang out this evening”

“we hang out evrytime” I rolled my eyes.

“I mean like a real date…. just you and I alone”.

” oh that type of da..’re” I dragged my words and raised my eyebrows, which made him laugh.

” Yes that type ” he nodded.

” okay…I’ll be ready by 7:00, don’t keep me waiting”.

He smiled and put his hand around my waist and walked to our next class.


” you should have stayed back now…look at you…your cloth is dripping”. I exclaimed and dragged him inside my room,

Rose wasn’t around so it was just Noah and I. He went straight into the bathroom and locked the door.

He came out with one of my towels,he placed it around his neck.

“I guess there won’t be any date” he sighed, I could see he was frustrated already.

” we can have a date here…we can just play scrabble… I have some slice bread to, so I’ll just make a sandwich” I looked at him. He smileed at me and I went to the kitchen to prepare the sandwich.

within ten minutes I was back with the plates of sandwich. i served him his plate and got the scrabble from where I kept it.

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“do you want to eat first?” I asked.

“I’ll do both” he gave me a slight smile.

lola’s POV

Noah tickled me as I tried to get away from him, I had won the game because I cheated. so he kept tickling me to punish me.

“st…..op….it” I choked on my laughter as I tried to grab his jaw, but he just pinned my hand and kept tickling me with his other hand.

“ple..ase now”.

He stopped and made me roll over him. He grinned nd I smacked his chest. He held his chest playfully, like it had an effect on him.

” you this girl, you are a cheat Shey you know”

“yea I know, more of a talent” I wiggled my tongue which made him laugh. The rain had stopped now, but I didn’t let him go home. I mean it was too dangerous to walk home.

He kept staring at me and I felt a little uneasy. I gave him slight smile.
He put his hand on my back and pulled me closer. I opened my mouth to say something, but he suddenly covered my mouth with his.

my lips parted with a sharp intake of breath.

He rolled over me,pulled back and gazed at my lips. He slowly leaned in to kiss me again. I stared at him before closing my eyes while kissing him.

A small m0an escaped my lips. The taste of his lips was just so awesome.He drew closer to me, this time my bre@st were pressed against his hard chest. i returned his kiss and then wrapped my arms around him. He reached for my tank top and pulled it up revealling my two bre@st cover in two lace cup bra. He unhooked my bra and shifted it up so that it displayed my two firm big bre@sts. He stopped kissing and let out groan as he fed his eyes with the view.

He stared and then brought his lips over my tips, circling it before covering it with his w€t tongue while he fondled with the other bre@st. I was lost in desires but I couldn’t let him get it that easy.

I pushed him a little, then pulled my bra over my bre@sts.He rolled away from me and letting out a groan of frustration.

I pushed my tank top back on too.

” Am sorry…Am just not ready” I said.

He kept mute and gave me a nod. I smiled at him and backed away. He shut his eyes.

I leaned back to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, before backing him…..