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I hate to love him. Episode 4

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I Hate To Love Him

episode 4

from another person’s POV

when people said things like ‘ best friend’s makes the worst enemies, Lola ademola wouldn’t have ever thought that quote would mean a thing to her, it had been three weeks her and her best friend rose stopped talking, she had wished things would just go back to normal, but she couldn’t herself to the level of apologising and asking for forgiveness. things had really changed between them, they’ve stopped cooking together, inshort they’ve stopped doing things together. there was a day rose had borrowed one of lola’s sandals and it had become a serious fight which could have gone really physical, but for the intervention of their neighbours. Lola had insulted rose and called her all sorts of nasty names. those days when they were best friend’s are gone now, rose hardly sleeps in the room now that she has new friends,


she wanted nothing to do with Lola again. Lola wanted to prove to her best friend, she didn’t need her. she was now very close to Ade, they had gone strolled together one evening when ade told her he liked her. “Lola i want you to be mine” he said as he held her hands tight, but in a way that she wouldn’t feel Any pressure. she looked into his eyes unsure of what to say. “I don’t know add” she said as she pulls her hand slowly away from ade’s grip and looked down. she always felt she around ade. she couldn’t explain why it was like that, but what mattered to was that she liked him.

” What do you mean by you don’t k know?” ade asked, as his eyes narrow .his tone had changed which made her a bit frightened. the guy whose eyes was once sparkling with excitement had turn sour.

” Why wouldn’t you know,you probably like that other guy in the department. uhn?”his face wrinkled in anger. Lola was surprised by his sudden outburst . she took few steps back and examined his face.

“which guy?” She asked.

Ade slide his fingers through his hair as he walked away from Lola in anger. he left her in the middle of the road, he didn’t call her for about three days and even dropped her calls. he had apologised to her through a text on the fourth day, which made Lola finally date him.


the girl sat on a white plastic chair, she felt uncomfortable been her first time of visiting him.
” You look tensed ” he said as walked to her and pulled her up from where she sat and led her to his bed. she tried to pull back but he was already dragging her.

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” What will you eat jor” he smiled at her,and turned on the tv.she shrugged, she didn’t want to eat in his house but he was really pestering her and even said he would be mad at her if she didn’t eat. she didn’t wanted to annoy him by saying no, so she agreed to prepare spaghetti, fried plantain with stew. she had finished cooking and was washing some plates in his kitchen when she felt his hands around her waist. she wriggled herself from his grip which made her even press her back more on his crotch. she felt his bulge pressed on her, which made her feel more uncomfortable.

” You know the more you try to push me away the more you turn me on” he smirked at her. she was terrified at what he said but she had to act calm.

“not funny” she said as her fore head wrinkled. she had mixed feelings. she was scared, annoyed at what he had said. he backed away when he realised she was scared. he had to act smart, he wanted her badly and would do anything.

she walked back to the room with two plates of spaghetti, he took it from her and put it down. he motioned for her to sit closer which she did and they are silently together.


“I hope you liked the food”

Instead of answering, Ade reached for her
putting his hand on the back of
her neck, she scrunched her nose in disgust, she could taste the food in his mouth which irritated her.

He continued kissing her not caring if she didn’t return his kiss,he wanted her so bad.
the kiss was light at first, then it became more urgent, his tongue in
her mouth, he pulled her so tight that her whole body pressed against his.
Her bre@sts against his chest, as her whole body started
sending a message that was undeniable.

He pulled her against
him, thinking that he’d never get her close
enough, he stopped kissing her lips and he pulled her a little away to study face before kissing the crook of her neck. That was the weakest part of her body and if she doesn’t act fast, he’ll get her to bed. which she wasnt ready for. Not yet. she groaned as she tried to push him off.

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“hmm sto- op ple-ase” he continued kissing her neck which aroused her even more. she regained herself when he was starting to pushis hand into her skirt, she pushed him away forcefully and slapped him. He looked at her stunned. he angrily stood up and went straight to his door.

“out before I change my mind”ade said.

from lola’s POV

I watched him frowned as he stood up and opened the door “ohh before I change my mind ” he said. I stood there confused on what to do. he glared and shouted at me “now!”. I shook. I feared for my safety at that moment, because I knew the type of guy I was dealing with, he’s a very temperamental person.

I quickly took my bag and my phone and ran out of his room without looking back. I wondered why he didn’t even beat me when I hit him. I guess I was only lucky. I felt hot tears roll down my cheeks uncontrollably as I waited in the rain outside his compound.

I saw a bike-man coming towards me and I waved him down. I told him the address of where I was going and he took me there.

when I dropped from his bike, I played him his money and I head straight to my room, I noticed the door was slightly opened so I entered without knocking.

I saw rose laughing hysterically with danladi, I guess he must have said something really funny, you know rose for being rose. she was the type of girl that loved laughing a lot.

I looked at her as our eyes locked, which made her happy face turn into a frown. I greeted them, but only Danladi replied. I could see he was surprised because I had always ignored them whenever I see them.

I was still mad at rose telling me to get out of our room and even choosing a guy over me her best friend, although I was already getting tired of the grudge we kept. it made me feel really guilty any time I see her.

“rose i am greeting you” she looked at me with disdain which made me feel really worthless. she scowled at me and hissed. this was strange to becuasr rose wasn’t that type of girl , she is a very soft girl who hates quarrels.

she stood up and pulled Danladi with her and they both left the room. I watched where she stood before leaving and I slumped on my bed tired of everything, life, school. I have lost my best friend who loved me so much and accepts all my flaws. I resumed crying again, this time sobbed violently and my body shooked uncontrollably.I wish rose would forgive me, but I was to proud to tell her how sorry I was. or maybe I was just scared of what her reactions would be if I apologised.

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I sobbed for what felt like hours before drifting to sleep.


I woke up to the sound coming from my phone. it was an alarm sound which i had set on my phone and it always sounded every weekdays in the mornign, so that I wouldn’t be late for my early morning lectures.

I didn’t want to leave my bed yet. I was really enjoying my sleep and besides my eyes are so heavy due to me crying last night.

for some reasons I didn’t want to face Ade just yet , after that incident that happened yesterday evening.

After about two minutes I finallystood up and went straight into the bathrroom to have my bath. I left the bathroom almost immediately and I searched through my pile of cloths in the wardrobe as I searched for what to wear.

I got dressed and left for lecture.


I walked straight into the lecture room and the place was already filled up with familiar faces, some talked while others stopped talking and whispered when they noticed me enter the hall.I walked to the back of the hall and sat at a corner.

I turned around and saw three girls staring and whispering. one of them chuckled when our eyes meet.

“she’s a b—h” she said. I turned back and took my book out to read something before the lecture starts. I heard another girl whispered ” I can’t believe she was stupid Enough to send such to him” she said in a tone that obviously showed she was irritated.which made me feel uneasy.

Just then a guy walked past where I sat and stepped on my leg.I looked up and saw the mischief in his eyes. He must have intentionally stepped on me.

“watch where you going ” I said in a low voice, he frowned his face and muttered ” s–t” before walking off.

later after lectures was over ,I walked out of the hall slowly when a girl approached me. she wasn’t my friend but she is a familiar face. she told me about a rumour been spread around about me.

As she spoke my leg weakened.My worst night mare. This was more like de-ja-vu. Everything that happened to me in secondary was repeating itself again.

This time……… worse!