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I hate to Love Him. Episode 9 and 10

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I Hate To Love Him

episode 9

I stood at the bus stop as the heavy rain poured and splattered dirt on my legs. I had been waiting in the school bus stop for the past ten minutes for a bus. I turned and saw a girl behind me. Our eyes met and she walked up to me, shivering.

“please can I share the umberella with you?” She asked.

“yea sure” I nodded and smiled at her.

“ughhhhh can you just stop” she screamed a little, which startled me, I narrowed my eyes and stared at her.

“its the rain…. It’s annoying now” she groaned.

“oh the rain…. Yea I get… Oh there’s a bus coming” I looked at her and grinned.

We both struggled to get into the bus , there were too many people trying to get on it too.

I sat there silent and kept checking the pictures on my phone.

“he’s cute” she said.

“what?” I was confused.

“that guy…. Your boyfriend ….. I can see you’ve been staring at his picture” she pointed at the screen.I smiled and shook my head ” he’s just my friend…. Although I like him…” I replied.

“so what are you waiting for?……” She chuckled and held her bag to her chest like she was hugging someone which made me scrunched my nose.

“Uhm… Am still taking my time” I was uncomfortable telling her things about me.

We both got out of the bus and trekked together.

” so I’ll see you around….. I live just down the street” she smiled and winked at me. “hey let me have your number” she asked. I called out my digit. ” save it as Lola”. I said.

“all done… By the way am Rita” she smiled and waved at me.



I rushed towards my phone and picked it.


“am on my .. oh…” she said from the other end.

” okay no problem”. I replied.

Rita had told me earlier during our chats that she was going to be visting me anytime soon, I just didn’t know when it would be until she called now.

I rushed out of the bathroom and prepared some noodles and eggs. I heard a knock on the door and opened it.

” ahaha did you fly?” I asked. She chuckled and pinched my arm.

“I was just around the vicinity when I called now” she replied.

I motioned for her to have a sit. I took out my laptop and played a film for her and headed back to the kitchen. I brought back two plates of noodles and served her one.

She laughed heartily which made me smile. “this Melissa and Joey is a very funny film ooo…. Melissa is so funny” .

I grinned at her “yes she is”

” Am not sure I’ll be able to finish it…. But I’ll send it to my phone. Do you have the season 2″ she asked.

” No I don’t… Am not sure if it has a season 2″ I answered and she nodded “okay”.

We were in the middle of our discussion when Rose, Danladi and Noah walked in.

“hey” I grinned at Noah.
He smiled at me and sat beside me on the bed. While rose dropped her hand bag and removed her sandals. Danladi stood and kept pressing his phone. I looked at Rita who was already flashing Noah a smile.

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“guys.. meet Rita. Rita this is Rose,that’s her boyfriend Danladi and this is my friend Noah”.

She smiled and held out her hand to Noah which he shook.

” You look more cute In person” she said. She totally ignored Rose and Danladi. Not sure this was intentional, but I could see Rose was angry, she scoffed and I arch my brows at her. She shook her head and went to the bathroom. Leaving the four of us.
“thanks” Noah said slowly.

Danladi called Rose and they both left.

” so what department are you Noah?” She asked.

“quantity survey. You?” He replied.

“estate management” she answered. They kept talking and Rita kept flirting with Noah which was beginning to annoy me. Noah looked at me and got the message. “I have to go now, I’ll see you some other time Rita” he stood up and pulled me up.

On getting back to my room, Rita was already planning to leave, so I just walked her home too.


Hello everyone, so what do you think about this new character? Rita.

episode 10
Lola’s POV

“I don’t like her” Rose groaned after Rita left her seat to get something. I stared at Rose but she glared at me. “I mean she’s fake and all… Don’t you see it? and she flirts a lot too” she said.

“yea she flirts.. a little, but I don’t think you should hate her” I replied.

” No I didn’t say I hated her, I only don’t like her” Rose exclaimed.

” okay. Whatever” I scoffed ” you’ll have to get used to her. You are going to be seeing much of her around me” I stated.

Rose gave me little glare and continued eating her food.

I know it’s only normal for her to feel threatened, she probably thinks Rita has been taking much of my time , I just wanted her to get along with Rita.

I felt a pinch behind my neck, I looked back and smiled when I realised it was Rita.

The three of us gathered our things as soon as we finished eating and headed home after a long day of lectures.

Rose kept making faces each time Rita talked about herself, I was bit angry at Rose but I decided to ignore her.

I really enjoy been in Rita’s company, she was the jovial type and loved having fun.

” You coming with us?” I asked Rita, who just shrugged.

“Uhm..I probably should go” Rita replied.

“come on … Let’s go to my place jor” I said and smiled at her.

” Am not sure your friend wants me around” Rita said and nodded in the direction of Rose who was already walking away from us.

“don’t worry about her… You’ll get to like each other pretty soon” I suggested.

We walked into the room while Rose was already dressing. Rita kept her gaze on Rose which made her uncomfortable.”stop looking at me that way”.

Rose grumbled and left for the bathroom.

We kept talking while Rose was washing her clothes. She told me things about boys. And the things she loved clothes cars and all.

We had been laughing then suddenly Rita became quiet.

“I hate home” Rita sighed.

“why?” I asked. I was confused about her sudden change of mood.

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” My roommate can be frustrating… I mean look at you and Rose. She really cares about you and its so obvious” Rita looked really sad and it really touched me.

“what did she do?’ I was really concerned.

“she’ always finds a problem I with everything I do….she’s so mean to me”.

“well…why don’t you stop been her roommate” I asked. I was angry someone could be this mean to her, Rita of all people.

“I don’t have anywhere else to live” she sighed.

” what department is she?”. I asked.

“chemistry” she answered

” okay…why don’t you come stay with us” I suggested.

She shook her head wide-eyed “No…no your roommate doesn’t even like me … I can’t”

“I insist. Let’s go get your things later at night”.

Rose came out of the bathroom with her towel tied around her body. She walked towards me and dragged me out of the room.

“she can’t live with us… and don’t give me that face, I overheard you guys”

“please Rose , she needs somewhere to stay. At least let her stay till the end of the semester” I held Rose hand and made the most cute face she probably has ever seen.

“fine.. She can stay, but I’ll throw her out if she does anything stupid” she threatened . I hugged her and rushed back into the room.

‘let’s go get your things” I grinned at Rita. She looked stunned.

” But it’s not -” she said and I cut her off.

” no questions . Lets go” I said.

lola’s POV

I woke up staring at a face smiling at me. I was frightened a bit so I just pulled back and she laughed.

“Rita it’s not funny. you scared me” I groaned . She just kept laughing and drew closer to me, and gave me a kiss.Not on the cheek but on the lips.I stared wide-eyes. I quickly drew back from her. She winked at me and got off bed and headed to the bathroom.

She left the door opened so I just walked up to her.

“what was that about?”. I asked
She chuckled. “I only kissed you, no big deal” she scoffed.

” Yea you did, which is weird-” she cut me off “what is so weird about that” she replied . She took off her clothes to have her bath, she backed me as she tries to hang her clothes on the bathroom door. She looked at me with the most seductive eyes I’ve ever seen, I was shocked by her actions. I gulped and turned away .

‘why is she doing this’ I wondered.

Rita has always been the crazy type, but now this is just weird. She flirts a lot with guys,I just don’t know if she likes girls too.

she’s a very beautiful girl and way more attractive that I am, her hour glass figure could get her any guy she wanted, I don’t just get why she’s acting crazy this morning.. She stayed under the shower to wash away the soap, she took her towel and dries herself as she walks out of the bathroom.

I sighed ” you can’t kiss me again.. Rita it’s not funny”.

“okay” she rolled her eyes and let her towel drop off her body, I turned away and she my head.


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Rita and I walked around the mall, we had been looking for a particular dress for an hour now. She claimed she saw the dress in one of the stores the last time she came here but she couldn’t get it because she didn’t have enough money.

” Don’t you know the place anylonger?” I asked.

She shrugged.

I just wish Rose wasn’t busy with group projects maybe she’ll get to save me from Rita right now. I rubbed my forehead, and groaned in frustration ” Rita let’s just pick somethingelse now”. She nodded her head and went into the next store.

She held the cloth and examined while I payed the sales girl and handed the change back to Rita.

“tonight is gonna be awesome” she wiggled her ass and I just laughed. ” you coming right?”. She asked.

” Am not sure…”. I replied.

“would you be sure if Noah was going?” She winked. “speaking of Noah, do you still like him?”.

“why would you ask that? yes I do!” I replied.

“I just wanted to know…I mean you taking things too slow with him…. aren’t you going to get serious with him?…. there are many girl who would kill to be his girl”. She said and walked towards the gate,she waved a taxi down as soon as we got outside. She was serious from the way she looked at me and spoke.

‘maybe she’s right’ I thought.

we finally got to our apartment, we entered and saw Rose, Danladi and Noah talking.

“Noah” I was surprised to see him, I dropped my things and laid by his side. Rita greeted everyone.

I saw Noah staring at her and nudged him.

” quit staring”

“am not…there’s just something about her that I don’t get …that’s all” he replied.

“well …. I hope you are not attracted to her”. I frowned at him.

“what?…. No! I am not, she’s attractive, but I’ll never hurt you” he said and I sigh in relief.

I sat down in a corner and stared at Rita as she danced with the guys, guess she was really enjoying herself while I just kept glancing at people.

She walked towards me holding a guys hand.. ” sola this is my good friend Lola” she grinned and I smiled awkwardly .

“hi” I said

“what’s up?” He asked. before I could reply him Rita had already left.

“so… how did you meet Rita” he asked, he drank every content in the cup and looked at me. I smiled at him. I told him about how I and Rita met.

” sounds romantic” he chuckled and I glared. ” why would you say that”

” Am sure it’s romantic to Rita…. she’s into girls, you know”

I was speechlesss.

” why are you surprised, it obvious. I guess you don’t know her that well after all. he said.

I looked at him and stood up “let’s go find her… I need to go home”.

sola stood up too and we both walked around to look for Rita. I heard soft cries from one of the rooms so I checked. right there on the bed I saw Rita on all fours. it was just unbelieveable . She just met that guy about 20minutes ago. I backed away, and left the party to get a fresh air outside and sola followed…..