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I hate to Love Him. Episode 17

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I Hate To Love Him

episode 17

lola’s Pov

The following day, I walked into the chemist to get some painkillers, and I saw Danladi. I greeted him but he replied coldly.

Now the thing is Danladi has been ignoring me ever since we lost Rose. He always kept to himself. I get the fact that it’s difficult especially when you ‘re still at the grieving stage, but I just didn’t get why he just kept pushing everyone away, well except Noah.

He dashed out of the chemist as soon as he got what he wanted, I followed suit and ran towards him. “hey, whatsup?”.

” Am good”. He avoided my eyes and just kept walking. I pulled him again, this time he jerked his hands away from me, and kept walking. I was surprised at his reaction…. I quickened my pace to catch up with him again. ” Dan I get what you are going through…. but ..its ..not cool..you know acting all up”.I said.

He stopped and looked at me. “what are you even saying”. He frowned his face.

“I just .. you…. know…ok. who’s that girl I have been seeing with you lately. Have you started seeing someone again?” I asked.

“Are you okay?”.He snapped, looked at me one more time and walked away. I stood there and looked around to be sure no one else was looking. I was embarrassed at the way he reacted to me. I returned to the chemist to get my drugs and left for Moah’s house.


“that guy is rude”. I said.

Noah stopped pressing his phone and looked up. “He’s grieving Lola, it’s no big deal”.

“he’s not the only one who’s grieving, I lost my best friend too, but I didnt jave to go around acting like a jerk to everyone”. I exclaimed.

Noah smiled and dropped his phone, he leaned closer and curdled me. “people are different”. He replied.

“besides have been seeing one girl like that with him”. I grumbled.

“I guess he’s moving on, everyone one has their healing process Lola…. that’s he’s own way. you have to respect that”

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“yea I know, I just feel so..so bad he’s avoiding me”. I said.

” you probably remind him of Rose, he wants put all that behind him” . He suggested.

Maybe Noah’s right, I thought.Everyone has their way of grieving.

I went into the kitchen to cook something. When I heard a familiar voice. I walked back into the room and saw Danladi. He acted like he didn’t see me and just kept talking to Noah.

I called out to him, and he gave me a nod.

” Am sorry Dan, it was not in my place to question you about who you hang out with”. I looked at him and he sighed.

He gave me a weak smile. ” its okay. besides the girl isn’t my girlfriend”. He said.

Thank God, I thought.

I wanted Danladi to move on quite alright. but I just didn’t think now was the time. it’s only been few weeks and we needed to mourn our friend.

” Am leaving the country”.He said and looked at me. Noah didn’t say anything so I guessed he already knew before now.

I was dumbfounded. I cleared my throat. “Uhm …really”.

“yep! we should all hangout this night”. He suggested. I stood up and hugged him. A small tear stained my cheeks, I wiped it away.

“Lola, I’ll be visiting once in a while, my parents just wants me around them”.He assured.

I drew back and smiled”ok…I’ll miss you..I guess you are right, we should hang out”. I agreed.

lola’s POV

We had just resumed the first semester of my second year in the university. Everything was a bit better now, Noah and I had gone out on a lots of dates, but I was still taking my time.

He had told me the previous day we were going to hang out, but this time it was going to be in his apartment and I agreed.

I walked into the bathroom and had a bath. I rushed out after few minutes and dried myself with my towel and used the perfume, applied some makeup and wore my dress.

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I took my bag and head to Noah’s place.


“thank God I have your keys, you would have kept me waiting outside”. I rolled my eyes at him as he puts some nylon bags down.

“I thought I told you to call me before coming”. He replied.

” you know….whatever”. I rolled my eyes again. I unwrapped the nylon bag and took out the burger and ice cream he bought. I served him his own and ate mine.

As soon as he finished eating, he went into the bathroom and was out in seconds. He laid next to me and I leaned in. He cupped my face in his palm and kissed me on the lips.

I returned his kiss affectionately,he tasted so good, like mint. He pulled back and whispered.

“the only thing we do his kiss, and kiss. don’t you like me?”. He furrowed his eyebrows and I smirked.

I pulled him back and my eyes locked with his. My heart pounded so fast that I thought even Noah could hear it.

He looked so doubtful. I was crazy about him, if only he knew how much. I just wanted to be sure I was doing the right thing. And more than anything, i wanted to feel
him touch my body.

It became so unbearable for me, as my lips finally pressed against his soft ones. The warmth of his mouth sent a wave through my body.I wrapped my arms around his neck.

I broke the kiss and smiled at him. ” Am in love with you, Noah. please don’t just break my heart, i beg you….”. My voice shook.

“I’ll never hurt you. I promise”. He whispered.

He reached for my spaghetti straps and slides it down my arms,next he unhooks my bra, revealing my bre@st. He wasted no time as he covered my tips with his mouth.

I gulped.

He rolled the tip of his tongue on it and gave it small bits at the same time. I let out a soft m0an.

He pulled away from my bre@sts and removed my pants. He reached for my legs and spread it, making him lay in between them. He kissed the crook of my neck which made me whimper.

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He stood up and undressed, I shut my eyes when I saw him harden. I was scared and anxious. I wanted this so bad, but I was still scared of so many things.

He laid on the bed and I slowly opened my eyes. “come on me”. He said.

I spread my legs across his laps and closed my eyes again. Noah hugged me tight and resumed kissing me…. He drew back and teased my bre@st. He looked at me hungrily and I rolled my eyes. He simply smiled. He lifted a side of his bed and brought out a condom , and rolled it on his s—t.

He lifted me and pushed a part of him into me and I let out a sharp cry, his eyes widen “f**k don’t tell me you are vir-“.

“yes I ..I am..”. I cried in pain.”just go in” I said and held tightly to him as my nails dug into the back of his neck.

He placed his hands on my hips and plunged into me all of a sudden. I screamed and tried to get up, but he held on to my laps.He cupped my face with his palms and kissed me, with this he pulled out half way and pushed back again. He never stopped kissing ,he probably didn’t want people to hear my cries.

He kept his slow pace as pushed in and out of me, although I felt a bit of pleasure, because I could feel myself moisten.,it was mostly pains.

Noah suddenly groaned and I felt him grow bigger in me. I let out a m0an and his groan and pace increased. His breath became rough all of a sudden and then slowed down again.

He smiled and gently pulled himself out of me. I turned and backed him which made him lean closer to me, I felt his breath fan my neck as he whispered to me. “I’ll never hurt you, I promise”.