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I hate to Love Him. Episode 12 and 13

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I Hate To Love Him

episode 12
Lola’s POV

“I have a party to go” she searched through the wardrobe.

“again ?……Rita you are always partying!” I exclaimed, she turn aroung to look at me and gave me the Are-you-okay look.

I shook my head. I’ve known Rita for like more than a month now, and within this period she’d gone to at least five parties and had travelled like three times.

Not that I was condemning her though.I just didn’t want her to get in trouble.

The last time I went to a party with her, she was having s£x with some dude.

Does this mean she has s£x randomly at all parties? I wondered.

“oh! I saw Noah today” she turned around. “with a girl….I heard a rumour he’s dating her Lola” she said slowly.

I frowned , how stupid does she think I am. It was just so obvious she was making it up.

“don’t worry I’ll ask him…thanks for telling me” I gave her a fake smile.

“can you not … I mean tell him I told you?” She sat beside me and squeezed my hand.

She leaned closer and looked down on my lips. I pulled back. I was completely irritated by her lust for me.

She smiled at me and shrugged. “I don’t think I’ll go jor”.

” Am glad you changed your mind”. I smiled, I shut my eyes and slept off.


I felt hands touching me, it was really good. Slowly a soft lips press gently on my lips.

The hands slowly travelled in between my legs, my eyes flew open.

” what the-” I shouted, but she quickly covered my mouth.

I frowned.

She smiled a little and stared into my eyes. I pushed her hands away.

” Am sorry… I shouldn’t have touched you while sleeping….I just couldn’t hold back” she looked at me ” I really like you”.

My eyes widened in shock. ” you are crazy” I shouted.

“stop making a big deal out of this”

I looked at her.

” really….really, you think it’s no big deal? Is this the first time?” I asked.

“of what?” She said softly.

” of you running your filthy hands on me’ I screamed.

She kept mute. I sat down and waited for an answer, she wiped the tears on her cheeks and sniffed.

” are you going to tell Noah?” She looked up.

“why are you worried about Noah?” I asked.

I leaned on the wall and made a frustrating sigh. ” Am not into girls, so stop it….. Stop whatever image of me in your head….. It’s disgusting”.

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I shook my head and walked into the bathroom.

I came out as soon as I finished using the toilet, Rita wasn’t in the room, but the door was a bit opened.

I slumped back in my bed when I heard a phone vibrating. I took it and saw it was unlocked. I checked through some pictures , I saw some p–n videos too.

Bad girl ,I mused.

Just then a message popped up and it was from Noah. “stop it ” the message said.

I dropped the phone.

Out of curiosity, I picked the phone again and went straight to their chat.

I felt a hurt when I saw the things they said.

Rita and Noah had been secretly meeting up, she even sent him some nude pictures. And told him how good she was on bed.

Noah had told her to stop it. But I still felt hurt. I was scared I was going to loose Noah.

Soon she walked in with a sanitary pad in her hands. She froze when she saw her phone in my hand.

” How could you?” I screamed.

Tears rolled down my cheeks. She looked down. She looked up again but this time she rolled her eyes.

“he likes me ” she smirked. I couldn’t take this any longer. I wished I could smash her face, but I was too scared. And I guess she knew I was.

” you not even his girlfriend”

“how can you say that” I kept crying. “did you guys…. You know… Do it” I paused waiting for an answer. An answer that would at least relieve me of the pain I felt.

“we almost did” she locked the door and used the sanitary pad.

She laid on the bed and plugged her earpiece in her ears.

I stormed out of the room and headed to Noah’s place……..

episode 13
Lola’s POV

“noah” I shouted and knocked the door aggressively on his door. He opened the door almost immediately and tried to wrap his hands around me.

I pushed him away.

” Do you like her?” I screamed.

“who?”. he blinked.

“don’t you dare play dumb with me……Rita!”

“please come in”. He offered.

“no .. Am fine, just tell me” I raised my hand in mid-air.

” no I don’t” he replied.

” I saw your chat your chat” I said, and placed my hands on my waist. I was so furious.

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“it means nothing…yea we made out a couple of times.. but-”

I slammed my hands on his chest and wept like a baby.

” You made me like you…. And this is what I get?”.

” we can work this out” he begged and tried to pull me into his room, I jerked my hand away.

“it’s over”

“what?……. We haven’t even started dating yet….babe please don’t do this” he pleaded.

“yea I know…… But whatever we had before ….rams nothing …… I am so done with you”.

I walked away, and wept uncontrollably till I got home.

I entered the room and saw Rita singing.

” You need to leave”. I gave her a deadly glare. I could feel my heart pounding, she pretended like she didn’t see me. I slapped her legs annoyingly.

I wanted her gone.

She was taken aback by what I said.

I wasted no time , I rushed to the wardrobe and dragged every of her clothes onto the floor.

Just then Rose walked in “what’s going on?” She asked. She looked at the clothes on the floor and looked back at me.

She furrowed her eyebrows.

“she’s been making out with No..a.h”. I said and another fresh tears formed in eyes.

Rose covered her open mouth in shock. She gave me a tight hug and drew back almost immediately and turned her attention to Rita.

“you heard her …get your things and leave” Rose growled.

“fine! I’ll go, at least I won’t have to worry about hurting one roommate”. She replied.

” Just get out” I roared. She arranged all her clothes into her travelling bag.
She storms out with her belongings with uttering a word.

As soon as she left, I started crying again……

lola’s POV

“look at you…. Lola you have to get yourself together” Rose said. she dried the tears on my face with the back of her palm.

It’s been three days since I found out Rita was into Noah. I had deleted Noah and blocked him on every social networks. He had also called me several times, but I never picked. I just wanted to be left alone.

yesterday he came over to our apartment, thank God Rose was around. she had to lie to him I wasn’t at home.

Rose gave me worried look, she pulled me into an embrace.

“how could she do that?” I cried.” she knew…..she knew I liked him”.

Didn’t know which hurt most, been betrayed by the guy you like so much or by someone who was supposed to have your back, and be a very good friend.

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“she’s a hitch Lola… but I hate to say I told you so……. so I’ll just keep quiet” she sighed.

I chuckled a bit and wiped my tears. ” you already said it”. I nudged her shoulder and screamed. “yaa”.

“I don’t even know why am surprised, I saw the signs but i ignored it….this is a girl I saw having s£x with a complete stranger at a party”

“eww” Rose scrunched her face a d I laughed.

‘she even kissed me while I was sleeping”. I said.

“what! that girl is a b—h…. she doesn’t even know what she wants… you or Noah”. she replied.

” yea she’s really confused”. I nodded.

I looked around the room. I had turned the whole upside down even after Rose and cleaned it up.

I took the broom to sweep but Rose stopped me “I’ll clean it up.. don’t worry”.

“thanks” I smiled.

“after am done with cleaning…. we should hangout… you know have fun”

“bad idea” I frowned.

“I can’t just let just leave you here” she replied.

I shrugged ” let’s just watch some films”.

she agreed. I took my phone and went on whatsap, I scrolled down to Rita’s contact to check on display picture, she still has a picture of her and Noah.

I wanted to cry but I couldn’t, I was too exhausted from crying, all I felt that moment was anger.

Rita told me she wanted to get a film and she left. I laid on my bed and shut my eyes, not quite long I heard a knock on the door.

I stood up and opened it, i tried to slam it back but he held the door and I just gave up trying.

I slumped back on my bed and he did the same thing.

” what do you want?” I asked in a tired voice.

“I miss you”. he said

“well I don’t”. I lied.

“Lola please… she didn’t mean anything”

“they always don’t mean anything…. Ife, now Rita” I screamed.
Noah looked so devastated.

“she’s been using your pictures online… pictures of you two”.

“she’s crazy….I don’t like her. it’s you I want”

“its too late” I looked at him “she kissed me”

Noah was at loss of words. He shut his eyes and sighed. ” b—h” he muttered.

“I won’t forgive you…. so stop wasting your time… Noah you need to leave.

He stood up and left without saying another word.