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I hate to Love Him. Episode 5

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I Hate To Love Him

episode 5


lola’s POV

The following day, i woke up feeling so weak. I had locked myself in the room and avoided people,I couldn’t eat not drink anything. in short I didn’t feel hungry at all. I was scared. I just laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling. I just want to end this. even if I had to take my life.

it was like I was cursed right from birth. people always found a way to make my life miserable.

I was lost in my thoughts, I didn’t see rose come in with danladi and Noah. I smiled sadly at my friend. For the first time in a long while she smiled back.

“I heard what happened- is – true?” rose said as she smiled at me and motioned her visitors to sit too.

“No! you know too well . How can I be that foolish to send something like that to him. why? why am I so unlucky”

“yes I know you very well. plea-se stop – stop crying Lola. I’ll help you get through this.

“how? this is a stigma ” I sobbed . unable to control my emotions.

“we’ll get through this. I promise.”rose pulled me closer and hugged me,as i wept on her shoulder.

“I just want to die already”

Rose pulled back and stared at me in shock. ” No! don’t you dare say that again.”

“rose am sorry for how I treated you, I never knew it would hurt you” I said sniffing as I tried to clean my tears away with the back of my Palm.

I looked towards where Danladi and Noah sat. Danladi smiled at me in a way that made me feel safe, but as soon as I glanced at Noah, he quickly looked away.

I stood up and went to where danladi and Noah sat.

“Am sorry ” I said slowly.

“its okay. Lola. we could just start a fresh” Danladi smiled at me reassuringly.

I looked at Noah, but he never uttered a word. I couldn’t even read him at that moment. His face was void of emotions.

“can I even still face people in the department” I said as I turned to rose.

” yes you can.” rose said.

I smiled at her. she went towards our wardrobe and brought out a short dress.

“go and have your bath. You wearing this, let’s go to the mall” she said.

” No I ca-”

“hmm hmm. Am not taking no for an answer. The four of us are going, so you better get dressed now” rose.


As soon we entered the mall, I could already feel my mood lighten. it isn’t the shopping that made me feel this way. I was just happy I made peace with my best friend and then the fluorescent lights and high ceiling already made me feel alive.

we went where they sold ice creams and we bought it, Danladi paid for the four us and then we were served. Noah never stopped giving me intense stares which made me feel really shy.

it got to a stage I wanted to tell him to stop staring, but I didn’t have the guts to, I just apologised to the three of them. I don’t want to act mean again.

As soon as we finished taking our ice creams, we walked down to the cinema to get tickets for a movie. we were told we couldn’t take in the edible things we bought because it wasn’t a product of the cinema. we had to sit and eat what we could eat and we hid some things in our bags( rose and I).

when we walked into the film theartre. it was so dark I had to hold rose’s hand which made her laugh. she told me she was going to sit and the back because she wanted to have an alone time with ‘him’.

“I can’t sit with Noah” I whispered to rose, which made her laugh even louder.

“He’s not going to eat you.” she said as she claimed the stairs leading to the back seat.I stood at the fifth step before Turing to my left to sit and the last chair on that row. I sat down until I noticed Noah had followed me too.

I could see the outline of his face from the lights of the screen. He smirked at me, before paying ful attention to the film that was been played.

lola’s POV

I study him as he walked out of the cinema, rose and danladi were already ahead .They look so cute together. rose hasn’t really told me anything about them since we just got back to talking.

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“hey” Noah stopped in his tracks and turned to look at me. I smiled nervously at him as he waits for me to catch up with him.

” Uh….. so did you like the movie ?” He asked and I nodded and looked down as I twist my fingers.

“good………..” he chuckle. Rose called out to us, we walked faster and quickened our steps.


The next day I stay glued to my seat, I couldn’t walk around the department because of the fear of been made fun of. I couldn’t go to the cafeteria. I had to send Rose to help me get something to eat and bring it to class. in fact I came to class because we had a test that I needed to do.

I looked at where Ade sat as he laughed with his friends. I gave him death glares before I was distracted.

“if looks could ” Noah said.
I turned around to see him smiling down at me and I smiled back.

” You know …. you’ll have to report him to the school authority about what he did to you”

“No! I don’t want to report him, besides…. I already cleared my name”

“”how ? not everybody believes you”

“does it really .after what they believe?”
” Lola it does, that bastard, released some nude pictures that isn’t even yours and claims its you. and there you are saying it doesn’t really matter. I didn’t even do half of what that idiot did to you and you hated for so many years” he snapped. people turned their attention to us and started mummering. He looked at Ade who cocked his eyebrows in return. I tried to hold Noah’s arm but he jerks always from me, not in a violent way but in a way that showed he was very angry. He probably saw as a coward.

yes I am scared of what would happen if I report him. Noah had told me to tell the authorities that he was blackmailing me and finally released some pictures. I couldn’t go with the plan. what if it backfired ? I just wanted to let things slide without hurting anyone. I looked down as tears begin to w€t my cheeksjust then Rose and entered the class carrying drinks and some snacks in a transparent nylon. while danlandi followed.

“hey I got your fav snacks” she said excitedly, I looked up and Rose’s smile dissappeared when she saw my eyes.

“can just go home?” I asked


“please let’s just go, it’s not like we have any other. important lectures asides the seminar” I pleaded. she smiled at me and pulled me up.


back in my room

“so what really happened back at school?” Rose asked as she takes off her shoes and her jacket.

I was about to explain to her when I heard a knock on the door. I stood there looking at the person staring down at me when I opened the door.

I was angry at him, but I couldn’t help but stare at his gorgeous face. He smiled at me wearily as he steps closer trying to get into my room. I stopped him abruptly as my hand lands on his chest trying to block him from entering. It felt so good touching him and I wish I could justt pull him closer and lay my head on his hard chest.

‘No! I have to stay d at him’ i thjought.

I frowned at him.
“enjoying the feeling right?” He smirked at me. I quickly pulled my hand away and he chuckles. I back away as he entered my room and greeted rose who replied him and left the room.

Great! she left me with him. I shrugged

He walks over to the chair and sat down.

” what do you want?” I asked as I crossed my hands on my chest.

“I have to talk to you”

“well am all ears ” I replied

” Am sorry” he said and I scoff.

” Why are you so mean to me?”

“hmm…. let’s see….. well I just don’t like you” He stands up and walk over to me.

” really?, how you get really shakey whenever you are around me?” his lips curve into a smile.

I back away slowly and then I stumbled as my leg crossed the multiple socket cord.just in time his hands catch me, he stares longingly and I looked away. He releases me and I lay back on my bed and then he crawls next to me.

“I really like you” He tried cuddling me as his breath fanned my neck.

“don’t you dare-”

“shhhh” he kissed my neck and pulls me even closer this time. he trails my neckline with his tongue. Then he shifts my jaws towards him and slowly rests his lips lightly on mine.

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” No ” I muttered, unsure of what to do, he pulled his face away and spoke. ” You know you want this” .

suddenly he kissed me softly , forcing his tongue into my mouth. I let out a soft m0an into his mouth as he cupped my bre@st, he was about to slide his hand under my shirt when someone walked in………………………

“shit” Noah cursed. Rose choked over her laughter while Danladi laughed uncontrollably. I let out a small groan and push Noah away, just then I noticed the bulge in his trousers. I choked at the sight of it and Noah grinned when he noticed I was looking at him. I quickly stood up and sat down on the chair while Noah followed.

He pulled me from where I sat and whispered into my ear “come see me off”.

I nod and followed him out of my room and walked him down the street silently. during this time he never took his eyes away from me. He took my hand in his and smiled. “lets go to my place”

I drew my hand away from his and looked at him. I had never visited his apartment, how come his asking me to come over now.

‘gosh How silly am I. of course he wants to sleep with me I thought.

“never” I shook my head and kept walking.

“why?” He replied.

” after what happened ? you know what …… stop it……stop asking me any question. You almost took my breats out of my bra. so no … I am not coming to your house” . He looked at my and let out an hearty laugh.

“slow down…… You didn’t even stop me when I wanted to touch you… if your friend never came home I would have done more, so why are you mad at me”

I Stare at him in this disbelief, I can’t believe he just said that. He was right I should have stopped him, but I enjoyed every inch of what he did. I let out a sigh and shrugged.

“I’ll never see you as cheap. Okay?.. so …. please do t make that face. I like you a lot” he said

” Okay… I need to go back” I replied and I turned back.


“where’s your bf?” Rose said as I walk in. I sat down on the bed next to her and shook my head .

“where’s yours?” I asked

Rose chuckled, she rolls over to my side and tickled me. I shoved her away and kept panting. ” You…. I know I hate that rose”. she gave me a cure pout and I laughed.

” Am glad you agree he’s your boyfriend” rose said

” No!” I screamed “he’s not jor”

“your wahala. The heart knows what it wants” she wiggled her tongue at me and I rolled my eyes.

” anyway.. Danladi’s birthday is tommorow. he’s throwing a party later in the evening”

“party, I hate parties” I replied. she gave me a blank expression, she took her phone and started playing games on it.

now I have no choice than to go.




I was listening to a song and dancing to it in my room when my phone rang

” hey, I was wondering if we could hang out today” he said from the other end of the phone.

” shouldn’t you be help tyour friend for the party?” I replied

“I need an answer, not a question”

“okay… I’ll hang out” I replied

“thanks cutie, I’ll see you around then ” . I could feel his excitement.

” He wants to hangout rose” . she laughed and starts jumping on the bed excitedly. “I’ll something for you”

“he just wants to hang out” I replied.

lola’s POV

we strolled around in the neigbourhood . I had told Noah earlier I didn’t want to go to any restaurants because to me it was just a waste of resources and besides we wouldn’t have as much fun as walking around, laughing and shouting.

I had always believed Noah to be some arrogant, spoilt rich kid but the reverse is the case. he’s nicer than I thought and I think I am already falling for him.

I held his hand in glee and kept swinging it. ” You such a cutie Lola”. I laughed quietly and gave him small squeeze before sliding my hand off his.

God he looks so irresistible. even though I hate the fact that I already like him, I didn’t want to show him but I can’t help it.

“I know I look attractive but am I really safe walking with you?” He said softly.

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“uh… uh” I stammered.

” You like me don’t you?” He grinned and i punched him on his shoulder. we were both arguing on whether I liked him or not when we got interrupted by someone….. a girl.

I turned and looked at her, she looked absolutely gorgeous. she had long shapely legs with a small curvy hips any guy would kill for. she gave me weird looks which I over looked it. she tried to lunch a slap at me before realizing I had been staring for quite sometime. No I am not a lesbian but that girl looks beautiful, I staggered as Noah pushed me away in other to protect me from the assault .

“this thing is the reason why you left me ?” She shouted at Noah while she tried to loosen noah’s grip from her hands. ” I’ll show You” .

“I don’t even know you…” I replied.

“he’s my boyfriend idiot” . I got confused with her response, I looked to Noah for an explanation but he kept muttering I can explain.

I felt like hitting him. ‘ why would he let me like him when he knew he had someone’s I wondered.

I didn’t shout, I just glared at him silently. I hated been caught up in situations like this. I walked away from the two and I heard them arguing.

I heard foots steps running behind me and I was suddenly caught in the waist, I turned around to see it was now trying to beg me. I pushed him away and shouted at him “stay away from me”


later at the party ……….

” hey Lola” Rose said coming over to me, she had abandoned me earlier and went of with danladi.

“do you like the party?”
I nodded “yea I do, not that I have a choice. do i?”

Rose slapped me on the back “stop with act jor, Noah will be here soon. He went to get more drinks. so please loosen up.

my stomach churned at the mention of noah’s name.I didn’t want to talk about him and I had done a a good job avoiding that topic.
Rose too a cup of alcohol and gulped it. I opened my mouth in awe and snatched the cup from her, but she had already finished it. i looked at her and frowned “since when did you start drinking?” I asked.

” since now, don’t worry I’ll be good” she let out a fruity laugh.

“just be safe” I said. I walked away as soon as I saw ade coming our way.

He caught up with me and dragged me outside.

“what?” I screamed and pulled away from him.

“babe… I… miss you ” he belched. I scrunched my nose at the stench of alcohol hoozing out from his breath.

“come on ……..don’t tell me ….You… don’t miss me band’s

“don’t call me babe”. He tried to wal away but he dragged me back ” not so fast. don’t you…. want to hang out with… me?”

I tried to push him away again but he pulls me back and twists my hand to the back. his height and muscular chest hovered over me. his grip tightened and I screamed but this time he covered my pith with his palm.

“I let you go that day. it doesn’t.. mean you are escaping this time around”. He shoved me to the fence at a corner in the compound and turned me around making me back face him.

I cried and shook. I tried to kick him but he was too strong.

“somebody help me!” I screamed through his palm.

“I swear I kill you… if you shout again” he tightened his palm on my mouth when I heard a familiar voice….. Noah. I bit his palm with every strength in me and stomped his foot he lets out a shout and I scream for Noah.

Noah rushed to where I was and pushed ade away which made him fall.

Ade growled, he staggered and raised his fist to hit Noah, but Noah was quick, he kicked Add in the face which made him fall again. before ade could get up Noah punched his face, I kept crying as I tried to pull noah away. I knew ade is a violent type and I was scared he would hurt Noah.I pleaded to Noah but he didn’t listen, he just kept connecting his fists to Ade’s face.

Ade lay on the ground weak, I was scared he was dead already so I rush back to the party to get danladi.

we both rushed out to meet them , but was shocked at what we saw……………