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Billionaire’s Maid. Chapter 20

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❤The Billionaire’s Maid ❤

A Romance Story


????Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit????

Authoress Anna


???? Chapter 20 ????

????Christian’s POV????


The next morning when I woke up, I saw Nadia still sleeping soundlessly on the couch. She was curled up in the neatest way. I grabbed the comfy underneath the covers and put it
on her and pulled it up to her neck. Then I bent down and
naturally smiled at her.

She stirred around for a bit and I seriously thought that she was going to wake up but she just kept sleeping like a baby.

I bit my lip to stop myself from laughing. Nadia just took
cuteness and innocence to a new level.

I reached out and brushed her hair away from her eyes. This was something that I had never done to any girl before since I really don’t have a girlfriend just sluts because of my arrogant
attitude and yet here I was…

“Wait, what’s wrong with me? Seriously!???” I said under my breath and then decided to go and wash up and change my

Once I was done, I left my room and went to check what all
my mates were doing. I knocked on their doors and Jack was the first to open the door.

“Yo! Good Morning!” He said with his standard smile

“Morning Jack” I greeted back with a genuine smile.

Then I went inside and sat inside his room, waiting for the others to turn up.

“Morning bro! By the way where is Nadia?” Ben asked.


“Hmm so what are we going to do now?” Carlson asked as he entered the room.

“Guys let’s just go downstairs and eat breakfast… I’m hungry!” Ben said.

“Dude aren’t you going to wake her up?” jack asked.

“I’ll wake her up later, come on…” I said trying to avoid any topics leading to Nadia.

When went to the restaurant we saw Rose . She was already having her breakfast. As soon as she saw us she started waving, but none of us waved back. Getting no replies from
us she eventually started calling out my name.

“Chrissss! Come and join me here guys” She said looking all excited.

“Not again…This chick is the most annoying thing I’ve ever came across.” Jack said, and he made all of us chuckle.

We made our way to the table and ordered the breakfast that we wanted.

“Wait, where is your girlfriend?” She asked whilst I was looking down at the breakfast menu.

“Ohh Nadia ? She’s still sleeping. She’s quite tired because of Chris” Jack teased.

“Wha-What!?? Chris is that true!!!?” She asked quite angry.

“Hu-Huh?” I was confused as to what this whole conversation was about.

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Carlson suddenly kicked my feet. Suggesting the fact that I should just play along with what they were saying.

“Oh-Ohh yeah.” I answered to her with a smile.

As soon as she heard my reply, she grabbed her stuff and walked out without saying any word.

“Hey! Why the hell did you say that?” I asked slightly confused and annoyed at their humour.

“Why? I Love annoying her. It’s like my hobby; I thought you would have figured that out by now .” Jack said smiling.

“Ben can you put this into your pocket?”I said giving the room keys and my phone to him because the pants I wore had no pockets.

After we ate we decide to play soccer by the pool side.

However before we left I asked one of the waitresses to send some food to our room for Nadia to eat.

“Ahm excuse me can you send full English breakfast to 6 floor room 104.” I said to the waitress.

“Okay Sir…” The waitress answered nodding her head.

“Okay thank you…” I replied with a smile.

“Hey dude! What are you doing there? Come on!” Jack said calling me and we made our way towards the poolside.

????Nadia’s POV????

I woke up to the sunlight coming in from the doors leading to the balcony. Then I suddenly felt the comfy which was wrapped around me. I got off the couch and slowly made my way to the bathroom. I didn’t know where Chris was. He wasn’t in the bed and not in the bathroom either.

Where could he have gone? After taking a shower, I got changed into something comfortable for me to wear during the day.

When I stepped out of the bedroom I saw a trolley in the living room. When I walked towards it I realised that there was lots of food on it. Did Chris order this? Well, I didn’t mind it so I just ate it and once I finished I went downstairs to find him. I saw him in the garden near the pool side playing soccer with his friends.

When they all saw me they stopped playing and greeted me.

“Yo! Hi !” Jack said waving.

“So you’re finally awake!” Chris said walking towards me.

“Yep. By the way thanks for the breakfast you ordered for me.” I said to Chris with a polite smile.

“He ordered breakfast for you? Wow… sweet!” Ben said.

“I’ll just go to the pool side. You guys continue playing…” I said then walked away trying to avoid any further embarrassing moments for both me and Chris.

When I was walking to the pool side, I saw Rose sitting near the pool. She was wearing a bikini and then she suddenly called out for me.

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“Hey Nadia! Can you help me put some sun cream on my
back?” She asked with a straight face.

“Yea sure…” I said with a smile and started putting the sun
cream on her back.

“Did you and Chris really do it?” She asked emphasizing on the word ‘it’.

“What do you mean?” I asked puzzled.

“Oh come on . Don’t be so naive.” She scoffed.

Once I was done applying the sun cream, Rose suddenly stood up

“I know you’re filthy woman. You keep on clinging on to my Chris !” She said again.

“Wait, Ms. Rose… what are you talking about?..” I asked politely trying not to cause any arguments or misunderstandings.

“You filth!” She suddenly slapped my face hard.

“HEY! What the hell is your problem!” I said screaming at her.

“Problem? You! My problem is you!!! Get lost!” She said then she strongly pushed me and I ended up falling into the pool.

☑Author’s POV ☑

As Rose pushed her , Nadia suddenly fell into the pool, she didn’t know how to swim. She kept on reaching out for something, but Rose kept on watching her instead of helping her. When Nadia finally stop reaching her hand and sink to the water, that’s the time when Rose called some help from boys.

She ran and screamed like crazy pretending not to know what had happened.

“Help me!!! Guys! Help please…” Rose screamed running towards them.

“What again!?” Jack lazily asked rolling his eyes.

“Rose? What happened?” Ben asked.

“It’s N.. Nadia… Sh-she’s drowning into the pool!” Rose panted.

“Oh my god! What!!!” Carlson exclaimed.

Chris eye’s suddenly widened in horror, He immediately ran with all his might to save her. As soon as he reached to the poolside he jumped into the pool and swam under the water, he pulled Nadia’s hand and came out of the water.

Ben and Jack helped them both out of the pool. Chris immediately laid her at the floor and start to give her a CPR.

“Please! please open your eyes… Nadia please” Chris said gently slapping her face and pleading her to wake up.

Then he tries it again and again. He was really worried to death and it could be seen all over his face.

“Come on!!!… Please…” Chris said worriedly.

Rose smirks secretly while watching Chris giving her a CPR…

“Just die you bitch!” Rose whispered.

And then Nadia suddenly coughed and spat out a lot of water. She slowly opened her eyes. At first her sight was blurry but when her eyes were finally opened. The first person she saw was Chris , looking down at her worriedly.

“A-Are you okay?” Ben asked stroking her cheeks.

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“How do you feel sweetheart?” Jack asked.

They both got a nod from Nadia in return. While Nadia just held onto Arnav’s t-shirt still scared of what had just happened.

Chris gently carried her and went back to their hotel room;
His friends followed them and went back to their hotel rooms also to rest. Rose was left alone at the pool side.

“AArrgghhh!!!… That girl!!! Hate her!” Rose hissed.
Chris carried Nadia up to their hotel room, when they entered the room he gently placed her down on the couch

Nadia’s body was still trembling, so Chris went to the bathroom to get a towel. Once he found it he wrapped it around her and hugged her lightly. When Nadia felt her warmth tears immediately streamed out of her eyes, making Chris look down at her whilst getting hold of her smooth jaw line.

“Ss shhh… don’t cry. You’re fine now.” Chris said stroking
her wet hair and trying to calm her.

“I thought I was going to drown and die.” Nadia said while
fresh tears emerged from her eyes.

“I won’t let that happen… I won’t let you die. You can’t.” Chris said wiping her tears.

Then Nadia look at him.

“W-Why did you save me? I didn’t expect that you’re going to do that…You could have just simply called the lifeguard.” Nadia questioned him looking up to his eyes.

“Be-Because… Because… Ahm, I think you need to see a doctor. Go change your clothes…” Chris said as he changed the topic and looked away.

“No, there’s no need… I’m fine now.” Nadia said gently.

“Okay… just go change your clothes; you might catch a cold if you don’t get changed now …” Chris said trying to get up but Nadia suddenly held his right hands

“You didn’t answer my question yet…” She said looking at his face seriously.

Then Chris turned look at her and bent a little to get hold
her cheeks with both his palms.

“My answer is this…”He whisper in her ear and start to
kiss her lips.

Nadia eyes widened in shocked but she slowly closed it and kissed him back. They were both kissing each other
passionately and Chris slowly disengaged the kiss

“Uhm.. I am.. I.. I.. am sorry.. I.. I.. ” he quickly stood up

“Chris?? ” Nadia called and Chris turned to look at her , she also stood up and walk up to him, she wrapped her arms around his neck and slowly placed her lips on his… This time, Chris was shocked but he also responded to the kiss by kissing her back