February 3, 2023

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Brown Skin Girl. Episode 7

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BROWN SKIN GIRL (my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

????????????Episode 7????????????

????????????Skylar’s p.o.v????????????
” what in the world was that?,is this how handsome boys behave around here?”I asked Nicky who was busy playing game on my iPhone.
she stared at me and nodded.
“well most of them and not to girls with flat Asses you know”Nicky said.

“I hate sheila ,i mean back home in Nigeria girls like her aren’t called hot at all “I said scratching my hair.

“whatever girl,can i borrow your phone?”Nicky pleaded ,doing her puppy face.
I sighed and nodded and besides my Dad won’t notice.

“who’s your Dad sky?”she asked me.
I chuckled and laughed hard, then I made a serious face.
“if you hear my Dad’s name ,you would even be scared to talk to me”I said smiling.
immediately I finished saying that she bowed her head low.
I think my words hurt her.
“his your Dad really that great?”she asked me ,giving me stares that could kill.

“okay fine am sorry ,my father’s Mr morris Gilbert”I said slowly.
she quickly jerked up forgetting that my phone was on her hands and great it fell on the hard floor ,the screen creaked.
“am really sorry girl,I was so surprised and happy at the same time that I totally forgot that a phone was with me,please forgive me”she pleaded and started crying????????.
I laughed and stared at her,it seems she’s really taking it serious.
she cried more and more.
hmm all this because of a creaked screen.
“why are you laughing hah!?,is this funny to you?”she said cleaning her runny nose.

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“it’s my phone ,am I complaining?,look Bee we will just get another one ,you can throw that one away.

“what!!!,throw this away “she quickly picked up the phone and put it in her school bag.
I sighed and held her hand .we both walked away smiling and laughing amongst ourselves.

????????????Sheila’s p.o.v????????????
I really can’t believe that smelly brown old hag embarrassed me like that.
“how dare she,am gonna make sure I ruin her in this school .she doesn’t know am the queen of Brim wood high ,no bitch dare mess with me”I lamented.
an hour later, it’s already school over and students had already started going home in their flashy cars ,power bikes even helicopters .
I really want to see Skylar’s ride.
I sat down on the grass with my friends and spotted Logan kissing a girl .
such a cheat,I’ll deal with him.
I quickly walked towards where he was and found out that the girl was Nora such a bitch.
I slapped her hard and slapped Logan too.
“how dare you do this to me hah!!”I yelled almost crying.
Nora was already crying ,such a cry baby.
Logan cleaned is lip and started walking away .
I quickly ran towards him and blocked his path.
“Baby please why can’t you ever be contented with one girl hah!,am I not good enough for you?.I give you sex ,what more do you want from me?”I said crying.
he laughed and angrily pushed me out of the way.
“Don’t you get it that we are through .we didn’t even have a thing in the first place ,your so cheap that you couldn’t wait to unbuckle my belt and have sex with me,every time you want me to bang you on the bed,our kitchen,the bathroom ,in fact everywhere and don’t you dare act like you own me cause all you want is sex and don’t worry cause I kinda liked it and anything I do doesn’t concern you,I sex with whosever I want ,I kiss whosever I want and don’t you dare act like your a saint ,you think I don’t know that all my friends banged you, so cheap .I feel disgusted by your presence “Logan said and walked away.
immediately he finished saying that I almost fainted.
“Logan used me “I said crying like a child.

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“actually you are a fool and a cheap slut at that,how on earth would you ?.in fact am really disgusted at least prostitutes have pride and a good reason for what they do ,but you have no sense at all .now what did you gain ?,in love my foot,e Neva reach you well????????”Skylar said ,she hissed and cat walked away shaking her butt purposely so it would pain sheila more.

“stop !!,please I accept my mistake but I thought he loved me”I said crying even more.

“I pity her sky “Nicky said.
Skylar laughed and shaked her Butt again ,then she stared at sheila and laughed.

“pity me!! never,it serves her right but I feel for her ,baby you would have heard all the things he said .shame catch me sef”Skylar said using a mocking tone.

“you really should stop speaking that language cause I didn’t understand it at all”Nicky said tiredly.

“baby by the time it’s our summer break , I’ll take you to Nigeria and you would become part of my gang and after some time you would be a warri Babe”Skylar said smiling.

“please I don’t want to be a warri Babe or whatever ,let’s stroll home”Nicky said smiling gleefully.

“we can’t stroll home ,my driver’s coming ,look his already here ,let’s go he will drop you off”Skylar said and dragged her hand .
they both ran towards the car.
they hopped in ,shut the door and the car drove away.
“Skylar you would pay for mocking me,let’s see who laughs last bitch!”I cursed under my breath and walked away with my panthers who just came.

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“we are extremely sorry sheila but we……”Blair was cut short .

“Don’t you dare say another word.,why didn’t you guys defend me when Skylar was shaking her butt and making fun of me hah!!.such useless girls”I said and angrily walked away.