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Brown Skin Girl. Episode 8 and 9

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BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

????????????????Episode 8????????????????

????????????Skylar’s p.o.v????????????
Today was declared a school free day and for the first time I was sad.
am really gonna miss Sheila’s childish behaviors.
today was supposed to be perfect but no Dad had to ruin it for me saying that he had an important meeting and they are some set of persons that he would like to show me to.
to be sincere am not really happy to see anyone.
I wore a white suit ,I kinda love white,white heels and I packed my hair up in a pony tail style .
checked myself twice in the mirror before running out.
I walked inside the company company .the workers couldn’t take their eyes off me ,especially the Males ,while the females glared at me.
I wasn’t looking where I was going and I bumped into someone.
I raised my head and found out that it was that dog poop of a guy.
“hey!,what are you doing here??”I shouted angrily.

“oh!! calm down senorita ,I only came here with my Dad who’s a business partner of Mr morris Gilbert”Logan said adjusting is tie.
I sighed and wanted to walk away but he held my wrist and pulled me back.
“who are you to Mr Morris hah!?”Logan asked staring at my eyes.
I quickly jerked is hands off mine and cleaned myself.
“of course is my Dad you idiot ,cow poop!”I said and walked away.

“wow! you really have to be nice to me you know,now that our parents are business partners.”I yelled.

“shut up you dweeb ,so immature and why don’t you go upstairs and wait for your Dad nut head” I yelled and resumed walking.

“I’ll get you Skylar .I promise you that “i heard him say and he climbed the stairs.

????????????????Logan’s p.o.v????????????????
That scumbag must really be lucky but she doesn’t act like her father’s an important man.
“of course is my Dad you idiot,cow poop”I said immitating her as I walked away.
minutes later the meeting was over .I quickly ran upstairs to meet my Dad and I was glad I saw him but he was talking to that savage girl Skylar .
he seems happy and what’s so funny that is making him laugh.

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“Skylar we’re having a party at our house tonight so please come with your Dad”my Dad said nicely.
I really don’t remember him being nice to me and why did he invite her over?.
“that old man can’t keep his mouth shut”I said ,I was all ready pissed.

“and Skylar the colour of the night is white”my Dad said again .

I couldn’t endure it anymore. so I dragged him out of the room .
I heard Skylar saying I was a fool but who cares .
she can’t come to that party cause only her presence scares me.
“what’s so special about that dummy anywhere?”i thought to myself and walked away.
what a witch.
please note and at least try.
hmm Logan and skylar ehn ,let me not tallk????????????????????


????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????????Episode 9????????????

????????????Skylar’s p.o.v????????????
it’s already evening and time for me and my Dad to go to the party.
I wore a white long sleeved gown that stopped at my knee and it glitters in the dark,a white heel and white purse,then I packed my hair up in a pony tail style.
minutes later my phone started ringing .
I wondered who was calling .I picked up the phone and answered the call.
“what’s up Brown skin girl”the voice said and immediately I recognized the voice.

“hey! Nicky what’s cooking?”I asked walking outside the mansion.

“are you going somewhere tonight?”she asked.

“yeah some stupid party ,wanna come I’ll wait for you”I said happily.

“well na aah don’t feel like,well tonight’s mom and Nicky’s night ,we’re gonna have a lot of fun .I really wish you could meet my Mom sky”she said sadly.

“don’t worry Nicks ,I can see your Mom anytime so don’t be sad “I said reassuringly.

“okay !!”Nicky replied.

“we have to go Skylar ,get in the car now!!”Dad said sounding pissed.
I sighed.
“his that your Dad yelling at you sky?”she asked.

“yeah I guess ,I better hang up now,goodbye”I said and hanged up,I quickly entered the car and the driver drove away.
An hour later we finally arrived .
“Wow! that idiots house is really beautiful “I said loud enough to be heard.
I came out of the car and held my Dad’s hand and we both walked inside and immediately everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at us,well mostly me.
can’t they all just mind their own business .
“hey punks!,don’t stare at me like that okay .it seems you guys don’t have any job left on this earth to do”I said angrily and walked away.
immediately I left everyone started Murmuring .
minutes later I took a wine bottle and poured myself a glass full and I quickly drank it all.
minutes later I started feeling tipsy.
“oh! no,I thought it was a fruit wine like Non alcoholic,you really are a big fool Skylar”I said hitting my head.
I staggered and walked away ,while looking for the bathroom.
I climbed up the stairs and bumped into someone.
it was a guy ,actually two guys.
Even If I was a bit drunk,I knew that something bad was going to happen.
“wow! isn’t she Mr Morris Gilberts only heir Skylar?”one of them asked and their voices echoed inside my head.

“yeah men,she’s so sexy in that dress,this is our only chance to have her for ourselves”the other one said smiling mischievously.

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“don’t you dare come any closer ,I swear I’ll deal with you ,you rascals”I said and barfed .
I felt a hand cover my mouth and I was lifted off the ground.
I was taken to a room and I heard the door shut.
I felt someone’s hands slowly lift up my gown and immediately I shut my eyes praying for God to intervene.
“what do you think your doing here Daddy’s boy?”one of the boy said.
the guy standing by the door quickly charged at the two idiots and beat them up.
I felt someone’s hands lift me up in a bridal style.
minutes later
finally after walking and walking he finally entered a room and dropped me on the soft king sized bed and I finally slept off.

????????????Logan’s p.o.v????????????

what a evening ?,I still can’t believe that witch came to the party.
I couldn’t help but drool over her,she is indeed very pretty.
minutes later I left my friends and decided to have a little discussion with that witch.
I looked for her everywhere but I didn’t see her so I decided to climb up the stairs and thank God I saw her but what are those two guys doing with her in our guest room?.
without thinking twice I quickly pounced on them ,I beat them up mercilessly and I carried her up in a bridal style to my room.
I layed her on my bed and covered her well with the duvet.
I was really tired so I pulled off my trousers and wore a white short,I quickly unhooked my belt and removed my singlet.
I layed down on the floor and slept off.

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????????????Skylar’s p.o.v????????????
Aaaah my head hurts ,finally am home,I wonder how Dad found me.
wait a minute the room fragrance is different from mine ,am I still at Logan’s house?.
I slowly opened my eyes and stare at everything inside the room.
the room was a typical guys room.
I quickly raised the duvet from my body to see if my clothes were still on cause I just don’t trust this dog poop.
I slowly came down from the bed and I saw Logan sleeping peacefully on that hard cold floor.
he was shirtless and is belt wasn’t buckled ,his hair covered is eyes and his gold earrings glitters.
“his really handsome,how come I never noticed that before?”I said and bent to his level.
I shifted little strands of his hair that was covering his eyes and he was really handsome.
his skin was so smooth ,his body was so muscular.
my eyes quickly went to is waist region and I was suddenly lost in staring at that area.
I quickly looked away and quickly climbed the bed cause it seems his gonna wake up anytime soon.
I pretended that I was sleeping and I heard him stretch is body and enter the bathroom .I heard him flush and walk out .
“she’s so pretty but so stubborn ,what would have happened if I wasn’t there last night hah!?” I said and climbed the bed.
he hovered over me .I could feel is breath on my neck.
I wonder what he wants to do?