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Head Boy. Chapter 10

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 10


I was horrified by the request of Raymond. I knew they are wealthy and are capable of anything.

My only power lies in my future, after I had graduated from school, I will strive to become a rich and powerful woman and get back to them.

But for now, I’m helpless, for the sake of my mom, I’ll allow them slap me.

“Yes?” I replied.

“Kneel before Raymond and bend your head, let him slap you first.” Leonard said and I walked to Raymond.

As I approached him, his beautiful scent covered my nostrils, he wasn’t looking at me but looking away slightly.

I knelt before him and bent my head for him to slap me.

“Slap me.” I said and he still didn’t look at me.

The atmosphere was tense and I wondered what he was waiting for, he should slap me already, my neck is beginning to hurt me.

“Let her stay away.” He said and Leonard walked to me and ordered that I stand a distance away from him to which I obliged

“It was a test, I don’t lay hand on ladies.” Raymond said and I let out an heavy sigh.

He then turned to me, his face was strong and domineering as always.

He looked beautiful and his blue eyes sparkles. I couldn’t stare into his face for too long, I couldn’t even believe that I slapped his very elegant cheek.

“You! had the gut to slap me? I’ll never forgive you.” He said with a dangerous smirk.

“Dad must have given you rules but here are my own rules, the day you disobey is the day I get you fired, understood?” He asked and I nodded.

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He was now speaking to me.

“Rule number 1: Don’t ever talk when I’m around, I loathe to hear you speak, your voice is so irritating.
Rule number 2: Don’t ever look into my face, always lower your head when speaking to me. I hate to see your poor face.
Rule number 3: Don’t ever appear before me unless you came to serve us food. You disgust me and I loathe to see you.” Raymond said and I nodded in agreement.

I then walked away, I met a slightly old woman walking through the hallway, she sighted me and asked: “Are you the new maid?”

“Yes!” I replied politely and walked towards her.

“Welcome.” She smiled as she looked into my eyes. “follow me.” her voice was welcoming and soft.

After walking for few seconds, we appeared at a kitchen. The kitchen was so beautiful and…Never have I seen that kind of glamorous kitchen before.

“There wouldn’t have been a need for a maid but I’m getting old and needed a helping hand.” The woman said with a smile and I nodded.

She began to teach me her schedules, the time she cooks for them, how she treats them and stuffs.

According to her, she has being their nanny since Raymond’s mother got lost.

I didn’t get the part about Raymond’s mother being lost but I felt like it’s not the right time to ask such question.

She began to cook while I help her with few stuffs, the food was done in no time after which she told me to serve them.

I was really nervous but couldn’t complain, I took the tray that had Raymond’s food in it first, I carried it to their dormitory.

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The door was slightly opened so I just knocked briefly and entered, I went before Raymond.

He had ordered me not to speak, so I just lowered my head and presented the food to him.

He sat upright and said; “Remain like that with your head lowered.”

Raymond took the spoon and began to eat even as I held the tray, I had respected these people and now they are making me angry.

Pearl has referred to me as a pyscho many times, here I am trying so hard to control myself.

How can he be eating from the tray that was in my hand even as I stand. He’s such a bully.

At some point, I couldn’t take it anymore, I threw the tray and the food to the floor and walked out.

What nonsense!