December 4, 2022

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High School Romance. Episode 3

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???? (#_in_love_with_the_rich)????




( #Jimi_pov)

I was surprised to see the same girl that bumped into me she was holding the umbrella firmly in her hand and she said * is everything ok, * I looked at her and I clean the tears in my eyes, and I said * am fine * I took my bag on the chair and I was more sad when I saw water dripping down from it, I knew immediately that all my new books are wet, I carried it to my shoulder and I entered the rain living the beautiful girl with the umbrella ☂, she ran after me and she said * please wait * she gave me the umbrella and she walked inside the rain, I couldn’t believe it when I saw her laughing enjoying the rain fall, I stood there like a dump fool looking at the girl as she keep dancing in the heavy rain, I burst into tears when I saw her cute smile, which looks just like my alisha own, I couldn’t just help my self, I cried while I was watching her dancing in the rain, I knew it getting late and I walked away without telling her good bye, I took my bicycle from the packing spot, I drag it along with me because am just too heart broken to ride a bicycle, I looked around the packing spot and I saw so many spot car and design power bike own by student like me, I looked at the tall and beautiful building, I said to my self * is it true I don’t belong here, but why am I even poor, I was still in my thought before a car almost hit me, I saw a guy in our school uniform as he came down, I was so surprised when he said * hey asshole watch where you are going, you are so lucky you didn’t scratch my car, * he looked at me and he went back to his car, instead of saying sorry he called me an asshole, then alisha’s words flooded back into my memories and I remembered what she said * ( you don’t belong here, and you can never meet up with them no matter how hard you try, you just can’t) * immediately I remembered those words I threw the umbrella in my hand away with anger and regret, I climbed my bicycle and I ride home as fast as I can, I was riding with annoyance and hatred, I got home and I ignore all my neighbors, I greeted none of them, and I walked inside my house, I was so cold because of the rain that beat me, I started shivering, and I walked straight to my mum room, I saw her sleeping on her bed with a thick blanket, I moved close to her and I kissed her in the cheek , I covered her very well with the thick blanket and she smiled, she hold my hand and she kiss it, she said * God bless you my son ** I looked at my poor mother room and tears roll down my cheek, I walked out of her room and I went straight to mine, I dropped my wet bag on the floor and I pull off my school coat and long sleeve, I was about to off my trouser before I saw the glass frame picture that I snaped with alisha, when we are still in our formal school, I walked like a zombie to it, and I took it touching alisha’s face in the picture, and my tears droped on it, and I said **(crying ???? ????, ) alisha why???, why did you do this to me, have been looking up to you all my life, I shouldn’t have met you, when you know you are goirto hurt me this way ** I realized I was talking to a lifeless picture, and I smash it on the wall with anger, I stood up and I started smashing everything I could lay my hands on, until I saw another picture of alisha in my box, I took it out and I felt like committing suicide, but if I did that now who will take care of my poor mum. How do I fulfill some of the promise I made to make her smile, I placed her pics back to my box gently and I moved on with my smashing, I was about to start tearing my text book before my mum came in, she was shocked, I kneel down in front of her and I said ** am sorry mum ** she pated my head and she sat down on her bed and she said

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Mum – (surprised) jimisola mi, what happened

Jimi – (trying to control the tears in his eyes) nothing ma

Mum – my son you know am your mother and you know you can tell me anything

Jimi – (finally burst into tears)

Mum – my son pls take it easy don’t cry

Jimi – mum did you think I can meet up with those peoples

Mum – which peoples my son

Jimi – the entire student of the royals, someone told I can never meet up with them

Mum – hmm who said that lie to you

Jimi – mum its true, it a real fact, I can never competes with them, all of them are children of a rich family, there are more brilliant people than me, they……

Mum – my son what if I tell you, you can rule the rich with your hard work, it depends on your determination about success, I want you to know that not all of them are sucessfull because they believe success is a destination,

Jimi – is success not a destination

Mum – it is not a destination it is a journey my dear child, a man most always be successful, and there is one thing I want you know, ” mistake is not an option once you made it, you should do every possible thing to avoid it, so my son I want you stand up with courage and show every one in the royals high school what you got, we might be poor but our family is always intelligent,


Let me just cut the story short, because my mum Is a great talker, she gave me words of encouragement that evening and she went back to her room, I started tidying up my room, and I put everything back in place except from the one I damage when smashing, I bent down and took the broken glass frame picture of alisha and I said ** watch me while I rule your rich fellows ** after a lot of stressful arrangement I later slept off on my bed , I woke up as early as 5: 57 and I hurried to the bathroom, I walked out of the bathroom and I brought out my already ironed school uniform, I put on a black singlet and I wore my school uniform, I was still knoting my tie before I saw a new trainer’s at the back of the door, I walked slowly to it and I was surprised, because I don’t know how it got there, I called my mum name and I said ** mama are you the one that bought me this new shoes ** and she replied with ** no I did not ** I was so shocked and surprised I looked at my window as it was blown by breeze, I knew i closed the window yesterday because of the rain, I walked to the window and my heart almost jumped to my mouth when I saw the girl

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