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High School Romance. Episode 5

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???? (#_in_love_with_the_rich)????


( #Jimi_pov)

What!!! , is what I said when she told me we should use my house for practice, I can’t do that, why will i take a very wealthy girl to my old poor house, what if her father sees her, I can’t just do that, I managed to tell her I can’t do it, and she asked me why, and I said…..


Jimi – it not a place you wanna go, you will get irritated when you even enter our neighborhood,

Juliana – (smile) wow, look at your mouth (she mimiced him) YOU WILL GET IRRITATED, thats the place am looking for, do you how bad it is when you are always in a air condition and a beautiful environment , I sometimes wish I was born in a poor family,

Jimi – (surprised) shit, why will you say that,

Juliana – because most of the poor people always do a lot of things we rich people can not think of doing, do you know that hell is certain for most of the rich people

Jimi – (burst in to laughter) really why

Juliana – because most of the poor peoples are God fearing, they give the little they had to poor peoples like them. But we rich people, rich people do make a lot of mistakes because we believe we are superior to the others, we do as we wish because we think money is everything, we don’t work to earn things, we only paid for them, that why some student are not educationaly serious in school, because they won’t read and at the end of the day they will end up having A1 in all their subject, being rich is….. …

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Jimi – ( he interrupted her) Juliana calm down, if you know how hard life is for the poor people you won’t be saying these, there is no body who wish to be poor, you have eaten this morning haven’t you,

Juliana – yeah

Jimi – (smile) what did you ate

Juliana – toast bread ???? and egg source

Jimi – you see, you have eaten because you are wealthy, do you know how many people who are out there with empty stomach, some people haven’t eaten anything since yesterday, some don’t even know when God will provide for them, some do eat trash in the waste bin, over 1 million people do die of hunger allover the world, and you are here being ungrateful, even if you still have a little to eat, you should be greatfull and always give thanks to God,


I couldn’t finish my words before I saw her sobbing ????, I wipe the tears in her eyes and I said * be happy with the wealth you have, and stop wishing to be poor *, she smiled and I smiled back at her, I saw the head preffect boy as he walked out of the field, I couldn’t believe it when I saw my alisha still staring at him, I swallowed my spit, and I knew my alisha is completely in love with this guy, Juliana taped me back to life and she said* when should I come *

Jimi – you can come anytime

Juliana – ok give me your phone number,

jimi – I don’t have s phone

Juliana – OK take mine ( she removed her airtel sim and she left the mtn sim inside her I phone 8)

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Jimi – what!!! Are you kidding me,

Juliana – please take it from me, I have 3 unused one’s at home, I will call you when am coming, my brother is going home I need to go home with him now,

Jimi – who is your brother

Juliana – Charles, I mean the head preffect boy


I was about to say word before she ran out of the school stadium, and I smiled, I looked at the new I phone 8 she gave me and I saw her beautiful picture in the wallpaper, I took my bag and I juged to the packing spot where I packed my bicycle, I took it and I rode to my bicycle straight home, I rode happily down the street as I keep smiling at what she gave me, I greeted everyone in my neighborhood including the goats ???? and fowls, I got down from my bicycle when I got home, and I ran inside, I saw my mum dusting the ???? spiderwebs in the celling and I sat down on the chair, I called her by her first name and she smiled, I do call her her first name out of love, I told her the whole story of how I met her and everything about the competition, she was more happier when I told her if I win the food competition i be given 1 million naira for the grand prize, she opened her wrapper and she brought out the sum of 1000 naira and she told me to Go and buy soup ingredients at the market, and I did, I was still arranging the house before the phone Juliana gave me rang, I got down from the stood I was climbing while cleaning the celling fan, I checked it and I saw my second number on the screen of the phone, I picked it and I heard Juliana ‘s voice and I smiled, she said I should come pick her at the street road, I quickly put on another cloth and I clean my face with a dry towel, I wore my palm sadder and I went straight to the road, I was so surprised when I saw her in a beautiful shinny short gown which made her look hot and sexy, my jaw almost dropped down, I called her name and she frown, she walked slowly to me as I couldn’t take my eyes off her shaking big butt, she jokingly hit me in the chest and she said ** what took you so long now, ** I told her am sorry and we both walked on the busy poor street, when we got to my neighborhood everybody keep staring at me and her, and I knew what’s on their mind, I took her straight to my house and she stopped looking at the poor old house, my heart beat increased because I knew she wouldn’t wanna enter a kind of house like these, she looked at me and she said ** don’t tell me this is your house **
And I couldn’t say a word

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