August 17, 2022

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High School Romance. Episode 7

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???? (#_in_love_with_the_rich)????

( #Jimi_pov)

She fell down to the ground, I called her name but she kept on gasping for air, she pointed to her bag and I quickly checked it, I saw her inhaler in the bag, I never knew she was an asthma patient, until now, I gave it to her and she inhale it, she coughed and I keep on saying *sorry * I looked at her and it seems she is gaining her strength, I carried her up and I placed her on my bed, I covered her with my rough blanket, I sat down on a chair besides the beds and I was cuddling her like a baby before she slept off, I looked at her innocent cute face for a while and I smiled because I was kind of happy seeing a girl wearing my old rough cloth, I went out and I went straight to alima’s house, luckily for me she was home alone, I told her about the competition and I begged her to teach me some of her cooking skills, I watched her as she was demonstrating with her hand, after a few minutes, I learned a little lesson and grabbed, I went back home and I met juliana looking at the picture I snapped with alisha , immediately I entered she said ** awwwnnn you guys are so cute ** I smiled and I said **how are you doing now **


Juliana – (smile) much better jimi

Jimi – you should have told me u are an asthma patient,

Juliana – I thought it not nessary

Jimi – oh ok

Juliana – (she took jimi’s childhood picture) wow look at you, I know you will be stubborn when you are younger

jimi – no am not

Juliana – (holding jimi picture) jimi can I keep this pls, pls pls pls

Jimi – ok you can

Juliana – thanks, I think I should be going home,

**** *

She stood up from the bed and she said ** Jimi help me keep my cloth, I will collect it next time we meet, am wearing your sweat shirt to my house , won’t you mind if I keep it also ** I looked at her for a few minutes, trying to figure out why she keeps asking to keep my stuff, I nodded my head and she smiled, she took her bag and we both walked outside, I escorted her to the road , And she entered the huba she ordered, I watched the car as it zoom off, I went home straight without branching to greet a friend or anyone, I packed the plate on the mat and I wash it in the kitchen instantly, I was still washing the plate before an idea came to my mind, ** maybe I should take Juliana to my alisha so that she can help me beg her ** I think that is a crazy idea we might end up being savaged, should I just beg her, I will be so happy if she accept my apology, I smiled to my self, and I rinse the plates, I walked out of the kitchen and I went straight to my room, I was about to read some stuff in the cook book my mum gave to me before I saw an envelope on the table, I took it and I opened it, I was so surpriseed when I saw 30 thousand naira in it, with a shit of paper, I opened it and. I saw “” jimi buy a new clothes with this money, the one you have are old”” I crushed the paper on my hand and I threw it outside my window, I was still thinking the kind if clothes i will buy before I remembered that there are many poor poeple in our vicinity, I sat down tirelessly on my bed and I smelled the money, I said ** should I just spend this on the poor or what should I do ** I was really in a confused situation because I don’t no what to do, I removed 20 k out of the 30 thousand naira am holding and I kept the other 10 thousand naira under my bed, I walked out my room and I took my bicycle, I rode happily down the lonely rough road, I got down when I stoped at a bread breakrey, I walked inside like a millioner and a man atted to me, I ask him if I could see the manager or the boss him self, while he directed me to a small dirty room which he called an office, I saw so many people working crazily like s machine and I shook my head and I said ** oh my goodness Nigeria is suffering ** I entered the office and I saw a man smoking cigarettes, immediately he saw me he quickly shove it on stainless pan, and he said ** how can I help you ** I sat down on the chair and I put on my serious face, and I asked ** how many bread can 20 thousand make, he smiled he said** it the pend’s on the size you want**

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Jimi – ok how many 250 own can make

Manager – (smile) we don’t sell it 250 here, it is 200, and with the calculation I made, it will bake 300 piece

Jimi – (smile) sir I don’t want to cheat you, it is just 155 piece,

Manager – wow thats is nice of you sir, but if I may ask do you want to be selling bread

Jimi – (laugh) no sir, I just wanna distribute to the less privileged

Manager – (surprised) oh my God, how old are you

Jimi – am 18

Manager – and you doing this at your age, you just inspired me to do desame, am going to add 50 piece to the 155 piece you want,

Jimi – thank you sir, may God bless you

Manager – it is nothing,

I handed him the 20k and he called one of his worker, he told him to pack 250 solo bread, in a van, he looked at me and he said it would soon be ready, after a few minutes his worker came in and he said the van his loaded, he told one of his driver to drive the van for me while share it to the poor, I thanked him so much and I stood at the back of the van like a conductor, I got down at my neighborhood and I started sharing it, every where became noisy and full of crowd, the poor children rushed to me like they saw a father Christmas while I hold on to the back door so that I won’t fall down, I shared it there and the people thanked me like a God sent, some even kneel down to thank me before I told the van to move, I saw my mum and I waved to her, she smiled and she waved back, the driver drove to the express while I keep throwing the bread down like a gift, I was still sharing before a car packed in front of my van, a man came down from the back seat and he removed his glass, the second side of the door opened and I almost fell when I saw alisha, I was shocked and she watch me while the poor people screamed my name like a God, I hit the van and I told him to move, I hold the van I watch her looking at me with a surprised expresion until she went out of site, I got down at the bakery and I took my bicycle I rode sadly home, I can’t just stop thinking about the girl, I walked to my room and I layed on my bed, I touch my mouth and tears roll down my cheeks , I shouldn’t have left her alone like that, I should have get down from the van to beg her, I later slept off that night,

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I was at the school restaurant with Juliana discussing how I will spend the 1 million naira grand price if I win the competition, she kept on laughing like she was under a spell, while the people around us start looking at the two of us, I started getting nervous and I told her to stop, she told me to stop saying funny thinz before she burst into another laughter pointing to my face, i said ** Juli what now, be serious ** and she replied me ** stop looking at me like that you making me go crazy, ** I couldn’t help it also before I also burst into laughter, we were both laughing together like a crazy couple before I heard a girl call my name, I turned back and I was shocked when I saw alisha, I could vividly read the regret expression on her face and she walked slowly to me, I stood up and I was shaken, I was about to say a word before she hugged me