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His Bride. Episode 34

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????His Bride ????

[Leaving him ????]


“You love me ? Tell me that’s just a joke ”

“It’s not joke Hunter, I’m in love with you and I’m done hiding it ”

He scoff.
“Do you know what that means, you just bridge the contract” he yelled

“I know, but I fell in love with you. How is that my fault ”

“Well then if it’s not your fault, what about me? Why did I not fall in love with you ”

Tears fall down from my face.

“Listen princess ” he says putting his hands on my shoulder while I just have my head down sobbing quietly.

“Love? Is something every human beings should avoid. Falling in love is like falling in to pit of hell and suffering. You will surely get hurt ”

I remove his hands from my shoulder.
“Why are saying this, tell me has anyone hurt you before. Why do you despise love.”

“I don’t only despise love, I despise people in love ” he shout.

“Why? “I sob

“Because they are weak people ” he answers.

“Well, I admit. I’m weak. But you know what? People that doesn’t believe in love are the most heartless being in the world . Just like you ” I say and look at me. He was about to say something but I cut him off.
“And love is the most beautiful thing in the world. If I don’t love you, I wouldn’t have tolerated everything you do, If I don’t love you, I can never be here. No this long.
So if you think love isn’t a good thing” I laugh. “That’s a stupid mindset. ”

“And what has this ‘thing ‘ got you ” he laughs.

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“Happiness ” I answer him.

“Well, are saying you are happy now ”

“I was happy, but I’m sad now. Love also have it’s advantage and disadvantages. It has bad times and good times ”

“Bad times, good times. Wth”

“What in this world doesn’t have advantage or disadvantage”

“Staying neutral ” he answers

“No! It has disadvantages. You don’t act like a human anymore, it turns you to a monster ”

“Know what I’m done with this conversation. Is either you get rid of this feeling and we’ll still be together just like before. We were happy aren’t we.
Or we get a divorce and you leave . Think about it and make your decision. I’ll be in my penthouse and I’m sure you know your way” he says and begin to walk out

“I can’t get rid of my feelings if I stay” I say making him turn back

“You mean you’re leaving?”

“Yes ”

He looked disappointed, but I’m not changing my mind.

“Why do always like leaving ”

“Because you make me ”

“You should Think about this ”

“There’s nothing to think about, I’ve made my decision. I can’t stay in a one sided relationship, and I don’t waste my whole life here, I want to further my education and become successful ” I tell him.

“Fine! I’ll get the divorce papers ” he says and walk out.

I sigh and I think of parking the clothes or leave them. I didn’t come here with them anyway.

Hunter enters.

“Here sigh it” he says as he places the divorce papers on the table.

“First before I can sign anything, I want you to know what I’ve decided to take according to the contract ”

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“Yes, I planned on giving you my two houses in Manhattan and a million dollars ”

“I don’t want your house, I’m not going to somewhere you know or where you will think of coming to see me. And besides aren’t I suppose to ask for whatever I want? ” I lash out.

“What do you want? ”

“A check of 10 million dollars” I say and he shout.

“What? ”

“And what is that much? ”

“No, I’ll write it ” he sigh.

I watch him as he writes the check then hand it over to me.

He put the pen down and gave me the check. I place it on my bed.

I walk to the table and take the pen. I could feel Hunter’s gaze on me. My hands shook as I sign the paper and tears threatened to fall.

“Done ”

He nods and look at me sadly.

“You are really leaving?” he ask like he couldn’t believe it. He look so defeated, I also don’t want this to end.

“Until you realize your feelings for me, I can’t stay ” I tell. My chest aches painfully and I rub my hand over it for relief.

I don’t want him to say anything so I lean forward and kiss him. He kisses me back pulling me closer. As his mouth move over mine, my body became alive. The kiss got more intense as we grip each other a little too hard and breathing became excited.

I know it’s wrong, it’s not the right I should do know but I couldn’t think of a way to make this pain stop, than this.

I reach down and pull off my shirt, he help me remove my pants. Then he pushes me to my back and pin me beneath him on the bed. He spreads my legs widely before removing his clothes and underwear.
He spit on his palm rubbing on it self before pushing into me raw.

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I moan as he thrusts in slowly, coating himself in to my wetness before he quickens his speed. He reaches down and begin to rub my clit with his fingers intensifying the feeling and pushing me into the finish line faster.
Just like a break up sex should be. Quick and dirty.

I close my eyes feeling every unprotected inch of him moving inside me. He bury his head on my neck, his arm tightly wrapped around me.

The desperate Way he fuck is confusing. My mind screams that this changes nothing, he still doesn’t love me. But my body melt in his touch, I want to ignore everything for any closeness he permits me. A wave of sensation build up inside me pushing away all other thoughts.

I wail in my climax, clawing at him and the bed sheets. He groan and thrust harder and harder and harder making us cum at the same time.

I shamelessly cover my face when Hunter got out me. It’s all over.

Without any word, Hunter left the room. I also stood up pack the things I can pack and set out. I make use of the Ferrari and begin to drive to an hotel to stay for some time before I think of what to do next.

I sigh and watch from my rear mirror. I notice a car has being following and I’ve been trying to loose him. I’m getting scared.

Oh lord please save me.