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Hospital Romance. Episode 26

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????????HOSPITAL ROMANCE????????

????{cold and crazy meets again}????


Noah’s POV.
“Look mother , I am not interested in that”I said whiles driving.

“Noah listen to me , I wanted to ask you if she showed you her pregnancy reports?”Mother asked and I snorted.

“I will be seeing it tommorow”I said and pulled up infront of our house.

We got down and entered the compound and made way to the main house.

“I saw it today , the reports said she is a month pregnant”Mother said and I looked at her in bewilderment.

“What?”I yelled.
Nala is a month pregnant.

“I was confused , Noah are you sure you didn’t do anything to her until that dinner night”Mom asked and I scoffed.

“Mom I only made love to her on that dinner night and it was a mistake”I said and she growled.

“Then Nala has to be two weeks pregnant”she said and I nodded.

What’s happening?

Is Nala really a month pregnant?

I have to find out myself!

“But Mom , she told me she is two weeks pregnant”I said and she chuckled.

Or is that why she acted weird when I wanted to open the reports.

God! , What is happening?
Nala lied to me.
But why?

“She could be playing games Noah”Mother said.

“But Mom why will she play games?”I asked not understanding the situation.

Gosh! Am so confused.
I ran my hands through my hair fraustratedly.

What the h*ck is happening?

“Maybe the child isn’t yours”she said and I heard a loud bang in my head.


Anna’s POV.

I am still perplexed Noah’s mother told Diego she is his grandmother.

I never thought of that.
I guess she is changed.

But still adamant on Noah marrying Nala.
“Momma , I can’t sleep , my ribs”Diego said entering Carla and i room.

“What is wrong?”I said touching the part he pointed and he groaned.

Okay! What is wrong with Diego?

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Carla came in minutes later when Diego was on my bed.

“What’s happening here?”Carla asked and I smiled a little.

“Little pumpkin is feeling pains”I said and she smiled.

“Diego , are you alright?”Carla asked and Diego shook his head.

“You have not taken your medicines”I said and he frowned. Join us on our Telegram page to read and enjoy more exciting stories there through kwaku ish on+233544142683.
“It makes me weak momma”he said.

“Come on get up”I said taking the bag containing his medicines and he frowned.

I opened the bag and noticed a brown small bottle.

I frowned and looked at it and my eyes widened.

“What is this?”I said examining it.

“What?”Carla asked carrying Diego on her laps.

“What substance is this?”I looked at the bottle I opened a while ago and sniffed it.

“That’s Diego’s medicine”Carla said and I gulped.

“Is he taking this?”I asked and she nodded.

Why will Chris give him a medicine with no name or indication?

“I have to ask Theresa or Chris about this”I said and put the medicine back.

“Okay! , Let’s go to bed”I said and Diego nodded.

He lied down by Carla whiles I slept on my own bed.

“Goodnight”I said and they chuckled.

I smiled watching Carla and Diego.

“Grrrrrgggrrrrhhhh” I heard my alarm sound and I yawned.
I got up looking at the wall clock and it was nine pm.

“Sh*t”I muttered and jolted up immediately.

I looked around the room and there was no sign of Carla or Diego.

I rushed to the bathroom immediately and showered.

Few minutes later ????????

I closed the zip of my uniform and took my bag.
I applied a little lipgloss and brushed my hair tying it in a ponytail.

I went downstairs to see Carla waiting outside.

I groaned angrily and she turned smiling.

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“Why didn’t you wake me up?”I asked furious.

She laughed and I got angry.

“Wait , don’t get all worked up , you were looking tired”she said and I nodded.

“Where is Diego?”I asked.

“Diego just left with his father”she said and I gasped.

“Noah came for him?”I asked and she nodded.

“You slept pretty much , and Noah was very furious when he came”she said and I frowned.


“Why?”I asked and she shrugged.

“Don’t know I took the medicines we are going to show to Chris”she said and I nodded.

That medicine?

Why will Chris give it to me?

Few minutes later a cab pulled infront of us and we boarded it to the hospital.

Nala’s POV.

I looked at the fake reports Damien gave me and I smiled.

It looked like our hospitals own.

Now Noah will stop bugging me about it!

I passed Mother and father who were in the dinning room eating and conversing.

They don’t want to help me get Noah.
So I will ignore them and do my thing.

Few minutes later I parked my car at the parking lot in the hospital and got down.

“Hi Theresa”I said the moment I met her at the receptionists table.

“Good morning to you to Nala”she said and I smiled.

“How have you been, and the pregnancy?”she asked and I smiled.

“It’s good and am fine”I said.
Just then Carla and Anna entered.

“Good morning Theresa”Carla said.

“How are you?”Theresa asked and she smiled.

“Good”Carla said.

“Theresa is Chris in?”Anna asked and she shook her head.

“No! , Doctor Chris won’t be coming today”Theresa said and she grunted.

Why is she even looking for him?

I snorted waiting for Theresa to finish so I can sign in.

“Theresa do you know this drug?”Carla asked and brought the bottle Damien gave me and my heart thumped in my chest.

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How did she find out?
Oh God!

Sh*t! It was supposed to kill the boy!

“What the h*ll is this?”Theresa asked and Anna shrugged.

“Diego has been taking this for about two days now”Carla said.

“What?”Theresa said sniffing the substance when she opened the bottle.

D*mn! This woman will ruin my plans.

I groaned silently.

“Let’s shoe this to Noah”Carla said and Theresa nodded.

They all left and I sighed angrily.
How did she know?

So far as he has taken it for two days then it will harm him a little.

Time to make Noah believe me!

I smirked and made way towards his office.

“Good morning”I said when I entered closing his door.

“Morning Nala where are your reports?”he asked grumpily.

What’s happening to him?

“Okay”I said and handed them to him after taking it from my bag.

He glanced at me and sighed before taking them.

He opened them and his eyes widened.

“Nala you are a month pregnant?”he yelled and I shrieked.

Whaaat? But? But?

Damien gave me a fake one and I read it.

What is happening?

“N…no… , It’s not that , am ..am two weeks pregnant”I said and he frowned.

Just then Anna barged in with Chris and Carla.

I thought he wasn’t coming to work today?

D*mn! How did he find out? God! How could Damien be stupid.

“No…Noah, Diego he is…?”Anna flinched.

“What?”Noah asked anxiously.

“His blood issues again”Chris said and Noah shrieked.

He rushed out leaving with them and I fell down in tears.

How come?

I got up and took the reports and I screamed.

“Arrrghhhh”I yelled angrily.

Damien will hear from me.

He made a fool out of me.
I will kill him.

But I checked it.

Noah will hate me for this!

God! , Am so screwed!!!!

Does it mean I checked the wrong one……….