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Hospital Romance. Episode 6

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????????HOSPITAL ROMANCE ????????
????{cold and crazy meets again}????

Episode 6

???? Anna ????

I looked at Carla and scoffed angrily.
She knows what I have been through.

And now what?
I should tell Noah about our son.

Not happening.
“What are you saying?”I asked clearly pissed.

“You have hidden Diego from his father for 3 years”Carla said sternly.

Is she serious?

“So what? , He said he doesn’t want anything to do with me , 3 years ago he called me a whore”I said and tears started to gather in my eyes.

“Anna , it’s okay am sorry , but _”I cut her off.

“But what?, Carla Diego is mine alone”I said and started eating.

She sighed and also started eating.

I still remember that day clearly.
The day before our graduation Noah and I had our first night.

He popped my cherry.
The next day I went to his house to check up on him.
I don’t know what happened.

The next thing I saw was me lying naked in his room.
I turned and saw Damien.

????????️Flash back????????️
“Damien”I yelled hitting him.

He woke up and smiled.
“You are awake”he said and I slapped him.

“What did you do to me”I yelled and he smirked.
“What every man does with a woman”he smiled.

“You jerk , how am I here”I yelled and he smiled.
I got up with the bed sheet covering my body.
He didn’t touch me?

I was about to put on my clothes and Noah barged in.

“Anna”he wishpered and I tried holding him.
He pushed me and punched Damien.

“I called you my friend”he yelled and punched him again.

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“Hey! , not my fault ,she seduced me” Damien said wiping blood from his nose.

“What?”I yelled.

I wore my clothes and tried holding Noah but he pushed me.

“Get away from me”he yelled and the tears I held back flowed freely.

“It’s not what you think”I said crying profusely.

“Then what should I think?”he yelled and I saw a tee slip from his eyes.

Oh God! , What did I do?
“Listen , he didn’t touch me it_”I tried saying.

“Shut up Anna , I found you in bed with my best friend” he yelled.

I looked at Damien and he was smirking.

“It’s not true , he didn’t touch me”I yelled.
I was sure of that.

“We had our first night yesterday , we made memories, so you waited for me to pop your cherry and you can start to act like a whore”he yelled and I slapped him.

“I am not a whore”I yelled.
Noah pulled me angrily outside.

“You even had the guts to drug my mother and have s*x in my room”he yelled and I frowned.

Drugged who?
“I never did that , I came to look for you and the next thing I saw was lying naked in your bed”I said.

“I don’t wanna see your cheap self here”he said and banged the door in my face.

????️????End of flash back????️????

I found out two weeks later that I was pregnant.
Mom and dad sent me away.

I went to Carla’s house because she was staying alone.

We worked and attended a nursing school.
I gave birth to Diego.
I didn’t see Nala and Damien since then.
Or even Noah.

We finished eating , cleared the house and retired to bed.

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???????????????????? The next morning????️????????????????

????️ Noah ????️
I finished dressing and got downstairs.
I met Mom and dad having breakfast.

“Good morning Sir”some maids greeted.
I nodded and went to the dinning table.

“Good morning mom and dad”I said smiling.
“Morning , son”Dad said.

“Morning Noah”mom said and I smiled at her.

“So I have conceded moving out”I said sipping my coffee.
Today Theresa will kill me.
I can’t eat her food!

“What?”Mom yelled and I frowned.
“What happened Mom?”I said and she frowned.

She put her fork down and looked at me.
“Why are you moving out?”she asked and I sighed.

“I am old enough to stay alone”I said and dad sighed.

“Why not stay here”Dad said and sipped his juice.

“So you can guys control my life”I muttered under my breath.

“I am late for work”I said and took my briefcase and my white doctor’s coat.

I got up and mom also got up.
“We will talk about this when you come home”mom said and I ignored them and left.

???????? Nala ????????

I left the hotel Damien was lodging in at dawn.
I got home prepared and for work.

I got to work and alighted from my car.
When I got to the hall way I sighted Carla.

“Good morning”I said and she nodded.
“Where is Anna?”I asked and she sighed.

“I don’t know”she said angrily.
I smirked and sighed.

“See you around”I said and went to Noah’s office.
I got there and saw him sorting some files.

“Noah”I said and sat by him.
“Nala go and come back later am busy”he said.

Woah! , I didn’t expect that.
Today is the first day he has been calm to me.

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I nodded and went to the dressing room.
Very Soon!
He will be mine alone.

My cellphone rang.
I checked the screen and it was Damien.

What does he want?

???? Anna????

I knocked on Noah’s office door.
My heart was beating fast.

I was Soo scared.
I knocked again and I heard a faint’come in’.

I sighed deeply and opened the door.
There he was looking all handsome.

Snap out of it Anna!
I closed the door and went towards his table.

“Good morning , here are the reports”I said and stretching the files for him.

He looked at me without answering.
He took the files and placed them on the table.

“Excuse me”I said turning and he stopped me.

“Wait”he said and my heart thumped fast.
I looked at him and his eyes were on his laptop.

“Yes!”I said and he got up moving close to me.
Oh God!

What is he doing?…….