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I hate to Love him. Episode 2

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I Hate To Love Him

episode 2
A new friend

lola’s POV
I and rose got to the lecture theatre just before lectures were due to start. As soon as I walked in , I could feeltwo eyes burning through the side of my face as I headed to the back of the class, which is my favourite part of the class, because it was easy for me to avoid the attention of any lecturer. I was still trying to settle down when a guy walked up to me.


I didn’t answer at first, until I realised nah was still staring at me and I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea if I had a guy friend who could at leastscare Noah away from me.

“hello” I smiled at him, even though I wasn’t really comfortable talking with him.

” Am ade”

” Am Lola” I replied him before he could ask me what my name was. we chatted for a while before he requested for my number and went back to where he sat, I turned back to rose flashing a smile at her, and she started making remarks about how guys would kill to be my boyfriend and how I was a guy magnet.

Noah’s POV
I watched as the guy spoke with Lola,how she smiled and chatted with him for some time in a friendly manner.

‘why is she been that nice to him’ I thought aloud not caring if anyone heard me or thought I was going crazy. I had tried to get her to talk with me on whatsap, which she always ignored me and ended up blocking me.several times I had called her but she always ignored my calls.
I had tried to push her out of my mind,but any I saw her during lectures or in the street I always stare at her. Lola is gorgeous, if only she paid me as much attention I showed her.

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still I was determined to get her to forgive me and maybe like me.

“lola”i said after summoning uobthe courage to go talk to her, even though it’s a lot of risk, she could insult me in front of everyone. I still don’t know how she became so outspoken,she used to be timid.

she didn’t answer.

“hey, it’s polite to acknowlegde someone when they say hi”

she looked at me from my head to toe, as if unsure whether to reply me or not. she moved away a little from me, before she turned “how come someone as rude as you know what been polite is?”. I was about to reply her when I heard the voice of Mrs gbade our GNS 101 lecturer.

From another person’s POV

Lola and rose sat on their seats after lectures, Lola wrote while rose was pressing her phone.
After she finished writing, she tidied up her books and stuuffed it in her bag, just then she saw Noah seated with some guys, their eyes locked and she quickly looked away, he decided he was going to go talk to them.

“um……..hello” Noah said smiling.

“Don’t you ever learn?” Lola replied annoyed.

“look I wasn’t even talking to you, I was greeting rose” he was already getting irritated by the way she treated him, he knew he didn’t really deserve lola’s forgiveness but that didnt her the right to talk to him that way. He looked at her eyes, shook his head before turning his attention to rose.

” how are you rose”.

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“Uhm-um- am fine” she stuttered .

“since when did you start stuttering” Lola whispered to her friend.

” shut up ” shevwhsipered back.

Lola shot her friend a look, her eyes looked dead, void of my emotion, only if looks could kill. Rose shook her head and smiled at Noah.

“can I talk to you privately about something, I won’t take much of your time”. Rose froze and choked on saliva, she was surprised Noah wanted to see her, he pulled her to the corner of the lecture hall.

‘what could be so important’ Lola thought.

Lola watched them go. Noah and rose had never been friends.

“rose, I know I have been an idiot to you and Lola in the past, and now she hates me so much”.

“you wouldn’t really blame her you know”.

“yea I know and am sorry” he said.

“it’s okay” rose said awkwardly,she kept twsuting her fingers with her other hand in a way that made it obvious she was uncomfortable.

“i need you to talk to Lola on my behalf”.

” yea I will” rose said smiling.

“one more thing, can I borrow your MEE 101 note book? I missed the last class” rose searched through her bag and handed her note book to him, be for walking towards rose who was still glaring at Noah.

” what was that brief meeting about?” Lola said in a sarcastic tone.
Rose struggled to keep her cool. Her friend would be mad at her if she knew Noah had asked to talk to Loa and she even agreed. She had the stealth of a ninja of course her friend would know if she lied, nothing ever gets past her.

“oh! It’s nothing, Noah asked me to borrow him some of my notes, he missed some lectures you know” rose hoped the vague answer would be enough to drop the subject. And it wasn’t technically a lie, it just wasn’t the full truth either.

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” and why would he want your note book, you guys aren’t even frie-“. A sigh escaped Her lips as she contemplated the inevitable. Rose was going to have to lie to her friend, at least until they got home. she had decided she would tell her when they get to the hostel , she couldn’t be sure of her friends reaction so she needed to choose where to talk about Noah,she hated lying to her, mainly because she seemed to be a human lie detector, either that or she’s just a bad liar. And judging by her current stance, she had better answer it soon.
Her patience was wearing thin.

” look does it really matter if we are friends or not “, rose quickly cut her off in the middle of her sentence.

“ok-ok-ay I was just curious .

Rose felt victorious as she looked at her friend’a face, giving her a quick smile before changing the topic. She bought it. well more like her friend, she dropped the subject which was more than enough.