January 17, 2022

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High School Crush. Episode 4

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 4 ????

???? Jenny ????

I fumed Angrily as I watched them eat together

He left the company to come eat with her?

I think I need to get them to hate each other because it seems she’s taking his attention and I want him for myself

I couldn’t take it that was why I followed them to where they were going. But it is only hurting me to see them together

It should have been me instead

I am more beautiful than she is or can’t he see that

With the way they are relating it seems they have something together in the past I will have to find that out because Damien is for me only

The next Saturday

???? Damien ????

I dressed up and furnished myself as I head over to Kim’s house

I want her to drool at my appearance

I am going there to frustrate her and have fun at least it will make me happy even though I haven’t gotten the courage to tell her my feelings for her

And this is partially her brother’s plan

So I’d he Killin two birds with a stone

???? Kimberly ????

I woke up to the sound of the door banging

“Who the hell is that” I shouted

There’s only one person that wakes me up like that which is Ethan

The door still kept banging and the person didn’t talk

“Ethan are you outta of your mind” I shouted again standing up from my bed and tossing the blanket off angrily as I matched to the door

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“Ethan are you…..” I paused when I noticed it wasn’t Ethan but Damien grinning stupidly in Front of my room at 6 fúcking AM

“Is that how you greet good morning to your favorite bestie huh” he said cheesily shoving me aside as he entered the room

I just stood there glaring at him angrily

“C’mon Kimmy you’d explode if you keep staring at me like that”. He said with a charming smile

God!! This guy will be the death of me

“What are you doing in my house at six in the morning on a goddamn Saturday” I snapped finally finding my voice

“Can’t I greet my favorite friend anymore”. He said with a smirk

He’s definitely up to something

I was still in my PJs and this idiot is here in my room

What a great way to start a new day

“Come sit Barbie” he motioned and I just went sighing dejectedly because there’s absolutely no way I can argue with him

“How did you even enter because Dad doesn’t open until it’s 6:45 in the morning”

“The old fashion way” he grinned

“You are so unbelievable”

I just sat there staring at him untill he took my phone snapping me outta of my trance

“What are you doing with my phone” I growled when I saw him laughing while scrolling


“Damien gimme my phone Back”

“No can do”


“Ien” he completed

“Damien give it to me” I said standing up to him while he raised it above my head putting us in a hugging postion

“Give that”


“Damien” I cooed thinking it will cajole him

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“Whoa this is hot I need a copy” he said showing me a horrible picture Ethan took of me”


He slipped from my grip and ran towards the door

“Damien come back here”

“You’d have to catch me darling” he grinned and I snorted

I started chasing him and he ran out of the house

Dad and my brother came out to see what was going on but I just Ignored them and continue chasing Damien

“I am going to kill you”

“Not when you can’t catch me” he mocked

After he had gone five meters from where I was he stopped but I still can’t catch up with him because I was terribly tired and panting heavily

“Come and catch me” he said waving my phone mid air

“You bastàd” I said running towards him but he wasn’t moving soon I was almost near him and he made to run

Unfortunately a drone from no where came running and knocked the phone off his hands

“Sweet Jesus” he muttered lowly as I charged towards him in fury