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Saved By The Demon. Chapter 6

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Written by: Authoress Cisca ✍️

“ My wandering thoughts are greater than my problems… ”

☘️ Chapter 6 ☘️

Short Chapter…

???? Lora ????

“ So tell me Lora, how is it being a human? ” she asked instead.

“ Fun, fabulous, great, amazing. You can add more if you want to. Life being a human is all about understanding but nowadays, a lot of people lacks this understanding. ”

“ Talking about the hunters? ”

I glanced at her for awhile, “Yes. I’m talking about the hunters. ”

We paused for some minutes, letting silence evaporate the atmosphere around us.

“Have you ever thought of the hunters being scared of us?” She asked, breaking the silence.

I shrugged, pretty sure they wouldn’t.

They’ve got this mind of finding demons, why would they be scared of them?

“No. They wouldn’t, would they?” I replied with a question.

“The hunters are just as weak as mere humans. They prove strong with their weapons. They knew Demons weren’t in Acacia, they just wanted to play games. Games Acacia had to lose. ”

She is definitely right…
Those were the same words of my mother before she died.

“That was the same thing my mom told me that night we were attacked. There weren’t any demons, they just wanna destroy the village. ”

” She’s right. ” She said, ” and they got what they wanted. We were separated from the humans because of them. Yet, they keep proving stubborn day after day. ”

I could sense the terror of anger burning in every word she spoke.

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“Why isn’t the vice commander doing something about this? ” I asked.

” Like I once told you, he’s the right hand of Lucifer. He takes actions at Lucifer’s order. ”

” Then why isn’t Lucifer doing something?”

She looked at me, ” He’s got his reasons.” She just said.

I saw that having this discussion go further will do nothing but make things worst.

So, I decided changing the topic.

“ Do you have parents? ”

“ Yes. They’re just not on Earth. ”

“ Where are they? ”

“ Underworld. ”

“ Hell? ” I said.

“ You can call it that if you want. ”

“ So as the rest of the others? ” I inquired.

“ Not all. ”

Well, I was asking to be sure if the fortress was meant for only children of the masters of the underworld.

Nothing was working so good despite how hard I tried changing topics over and over again.

She was still angry over the hunters case than I was.

And it was getting me uncomfortable…

A young gentleman of average height ran towards us.

He bowed to Elena before proceeding into what he wanted to say.

I was surprised at what he just did and wanted to ask Elena why he had done that.

I waited for him to give her the information sent from Lucas.

He wants to see her…

Why the sudden call? Is there any emergency problem?

He left…

“What’s wrong?” I immediately asked as we stood up to leave.

” I wish I know what the problem is.” She said making some steps ahead.

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“Wait, Elena.” I called, stopping her in her track. “That boy, he bowed to you. Why did he do that?”

“In here, everyone’s got their respect. And that’s why we are different from the others. ”

I nodded, following her as we returned back to the palace.

After I had gotten into my room, I still didn’t stop wondering what the problem might be.

I tried not to be concerned or to worry myself over the demons problems but I couldn’t control myself not to.

I can’t… I just can’t…

Not after the case of the hunters with my village, would it be they are back for me?

Did they found out that there was a survival after the destruction?

Oh! No. They aren’t here for me, are they??

I just hope that everything is alright…

Q:)What do you think might be the problem?

Talking about the young boy that bowed to Elena,,, Do you think there’s something behind that respect/bow?

What’s your thoughts on this??

Keep reading and you’ll find out…