March 22, 2023

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His Bride. Episode 22

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting him ????????]

Episode 22
Crying to sleep has been my tradition since I got here, and today is no exception.
Hunter has made me cry, laugh, happy and every type of emotion that I’ve never felt before.

I groan as I hear someone knocking on my door. Only if I hadn’t lock the door cos I feel so lazy to stand. Finally getting myself off the bed, I staggered there and open the door to see my mom. I sigh and let her in before closing it back.

“You look terrible ” my mom say as she scan my face raising my chin with her finger.

I turn my face away making her hand drop. I walk to my bed and sit down.

“You don’t expect me to look okay mom, after all this ” I say dramatically.

“And why do I think you are overreacting, when I told you about your dad and sister, you were sad but you didn’t even freak out the way you did when I mentioned Hunter ” she says.

“I’m not overreacting mom, I only think I deserve an explanation from Hunter. He ought to tell me about this before now ”

“Hunter doesn’t owe you any explanation or whatsoever. You guys had a contract marriage doesn’t mean he should share every thing about him with you. You have no right to be angry with him, you share no relationship together.

We have gone a long way mom, this is more than a contract marriage. Even though he’s not always open to me but mom I just lost my virginity to him. I already named our relationship as something great ”

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Wow ” she says Suprised.
“I know this is your decision to make not mine but as your mother there are things I guide you on . I don’t know, do you think he deserves it? You just know Hunter for 6 month and I seriously don’t know the type of relationship you guys had to have you make this decision ” she says and blink her eyes.

Probably still couldn’t her daughter has lost her virginity.

“I don’t regret it mom. I made the decision because I wanted to, because I want him to. You once told me to go after my heart, and that is what I did. ”

She sighed and we both remain quiet for a while before she breaks the silence “Are you in love with him? ” this is my greatest fear. How can I see be in love with Hunter? That’s what I ask my self every day since I found about this feeling.
I can’t admit that I am. But I am.

Six months is a long time to not fall in love mom ” I answered her.

I admitted it. I’m in love.

Does he feel the same way ” she ask.

“No ” was my answer.
Before she could say something, my door opened and Hunter come in.

He stare at me, I was staring into his green eyes too. My mom awkwardly excuse us leaving the two of us in the room.

I break the eye contact clearing my throat.

“I never planned to telling you “Hunter says and I turn my head to face me.

“Why ”

Beacause I don’t think you should to know” he says.

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“If I had known what you are , I’m wouldn’t have slept with you ”

Look, can we just forget about this and move on ” he says frustrated.

How can I move on from the fact that you are a criminal, that you kill people, you’re a murderer ”

“I don’t kill ” he answers.

“Then what do you do? Drugs? Because I know that a Mafia cannot stand withou this two things. ”

“I don’t do drugs too, I have people to do those things for me ” he says.

I scoff and look at him.

You’re still a criminal, those innocent people you killed, their blood and on you and your generation ” I say and he laugh.

That’s your mindset Lauren ” I so much hate the way my name sounds so good coming from him giving me chills.
“Things don’t happen that way, their blood and bla and besides those people are not innocent people, they deserve it ”

This man is driving me crazy. He wouldn’t even admit that he’s guilty.

“Does that make you a saint ? Listen nobody deserves to be killed… ”

He cut me off.
Yes just like my entire family, they don’t deserve death. And I’m not backing out till I have my revenge on them and their families ” he roared, his eyes were so red that got me really scared.

Your father is the cause of that not anyone ” I wanted to say but I know it will get him more angry.

“That’s different ” I say.

And how is it different? Your father, your mother, your uncle and you are the reason why I’m in this mess. And you dare question me about what I do ”

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“Tell how are we involve in all this ”

“Your mother didn’t tell you that? She only told you that I’m a criminal. Do you have any idea what loosing all family of your family at 17 is. Leaving you all alone in this world. Do you fucking understand the pains I went through, the type of hatred inside of me for all my father’s killer. You…. ”

I cut him off, I’ve heard enough of his rant.

You know what, just get out of my room “I say pointing to the door, but he didn’t move.

I sigh angrily.
I know this is your house, but can I have my peace please. Get out! ”

He stare at me with a blank face then begin to walk out.