December 1, 2023

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Brown Skin Girl. Episode 2

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????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

????????????Episode 2????????????
(In Nigeria(warri)a year leap)

????????????Author’s p.o.v????????????
“hey!, you come back here ,Skylar come back here.”grandma shouted at Skylar who was going to beat a lady who insulted grandma.

“grandma you know I can’t let this pass,how can that old hag insult you like that,haba I won’t forget this oh !.”Skylar said and ran away with her friend Sissy.
Skylar has really been giving her grandma headache ,she’s really gonna kill the old lady before her time.

????????????Skylar’s p.o.v????????????
I bet you all know about me
already ,well now am 18years old ,I have black full curly hair,brown skin , a nice shape and a lifted butt.
guys really wanna date me but I don’t really need a boyfriend.
girls in our street are really afraid of me cause they know what I can do,am very abusive ,I don’t take nonsense and even if am a rock on the outside am still soft on the inside and I cry at little things ,I love dancing and am very fit,I beat whosever messes with me and right now me and my Bestie Sissy are going to deal with a lady Mama Caro by name.
that woman has really been looking for my trouble for some months now and today she went too far as insulting my grandma ,she’s really gonna get it today.
“Sissy you have to walk faster ,I can’t wait to garnish her face with my slaps.”I said smiling.

“but baby girl can’t you forgive her cause I really dey pity the woman oh!.”Sissy said sadly.

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“Forgive ke !,never ,she will have to answer to me and Sissy I don’t like what you are doing oh!.”I said pointing my fingers at her.
we stopped cause we had already reached her house.
“oya sorry before you chop me raw.”Sissy said
I knocked on the door and a girl my age came out,she hissed and walked back inside.

“Sissy did she just walk out on us?.”I asked

“Baby!,give the order my blood dey hot.”Sissy said standing at akimbo .

“Bring down the door.”I shouted .
immediately Sissy started kicking the door with her leg,the door opened and the girl came out glaring at me and Sissy.
“what’s your problem? ,don’t you two have better things to do.”she lamented

“see who’s talking ,look we don’t have your time oh!,we just want your mother .”I said and stood at akimbo.

“my mother is not coming outside to see the both of you cause you two are bunch of fools who don’t have a purpose in life other than to start looking for trouble and claim to be area scatters ,no wonder your father decided to dumb you here in Nigeria with your grandma cause he couldn’t deny the fact that you are a senseless human being,a bastard,a wretched soul and I really pity your family cause your really a disgrace to them.”she said.
I couldn’t endure the rubbish that was coming out from that loud mouth and even Sissy knew that I would pounce on the girl any moment from now.
“how dare you judge me or my family ,I promise you this ugly duckling the next time you would say such a thing I would beat you black and blue.”I said fiercely.

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“oh! shut up ,you can’t do anything ,loser like you .”she said using a disgustful tone.
I couldn’t endure the insults again I quickly pounced on her and she fell down.
I sat down well on her and started punching her face.

“you think you can insult me and me go free abi!,well too bad cause today I would beat you until your mother comes out of her hiding place .”I said still pinching her as I breath heavily.
minutes later she was breathing slowly and her face was covered in blood,her mother ran outside.
“please don’t kill my daughter for me ohh!,am truly sorry for insulting your grandma please punish me instead.”she pleaded.
I turned and saw her mother begging ,even if I still wanted to teach the both of them a good lesson but for the fact that am human,I took pity on them and stood up.

“the next time you would try insult or humiliate me nor my family again I won’t spare you .”I said breathing heavily,me and Sissy glanced at her attending to her daughters swollen face before walking away.