December 3, 2022

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Brown Skin Girl. Episode 3

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BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????

????????????????EPISODE 3????????????????

????????????MR Morris’s p. o.v ????????????
It’s been years since have heard from Skylar.
in fact she hardly calls me but I send money for her every month ending,so grandma doesn’t really bother me that much but I wonder when she would finally call me to send someone to come pick her up.
right now am in my office and my secretary is arranging some files on my desk,she dressed so seductive and I know she’s trying to seduce me but her plan isn’t gonna work.
“sir you have a meeting with Mr Ezekiel .”she said ,I nodded and stared at Skylar’s picture on my desk.
I wish she was here with me then maybe I wouldn’t be so lonely and I would have more happiness in my life.
“sir are you okay?.”my secretary asked me

“yeah am fine ,just missing someone special .”I said smiling at Skylar’s picture.

“hmm if I may ask sir,are you missing your wife?.”she asked and I could see jealousy in her eye’s.

“no I miss my daughter .”I said and showed her Skylar’s Pictures.

“wow!,she’s really pretty sir .”

“yeah she’s just like her mother.”I said and Sniffed.

“am really sorry sir ,I didn’t mean to bring back old memories.”

“no it’s fine ,enough of this discussion get back to work.”I said ,she nodded and minutes later my phone rang .
I was shocked by whom was calling .
“grandma!,I wonder what she wants now.”I said and answered the call.
“how are you mother?.”I said smiling waiting for good news.

“well I just called you to send someone to come and take Skylar okay! ,cause she’s really gonna kill me before my time .” she said quickly and I believe she sounded scared .
I laughed and jumped up for joy forgetting that my secretary was here.
“are you okay sir ?.”she asked staring at me achieve I was a mad man .
“yeah am fine ,my daughter ‘s coming back home after so many years .”I said and quickly dashed out and I told her to cancel the meeting.
“don’t worry someone’s coming .”I said and she ended the call .
this is the best news I had ever heard ,my mom’s gonna be so happy.

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????????????Skylar’s p.o.v????????????

I escorted Sissy to her house before going home .
“but what if she was right about everything.”I said to myself.

“no Skylar ,she’s wrong your dad is the best in the world ,bet she wished she was me .”I thought to myself.
Finally I was home,I opened the door and walked in,grandma was watching Telemundo as always ,I wonder if she’s really into all this erotic stuff.
“what a cranky old lady .”I said to myself.
I slowly tip toed towards the stairs ,praying for her not to know that I was home.
goodness she complains a lot,suddenly my phone started ringing.
“God why me,why now!?.”I sighed and stood upright cause I knew she had already figured me out.

“where are you coming from young lady ?.”Grandma asked angrily.

“well I went to Sissy’s place.”I lied and scratched my hair .

“oh! really Sissy’s place ,you think I didn’t hear what you and Sissy did to that lady’s daughter after I warned you not to harm her.”grandma said

“oh! please old lady not now.”I said getting fed up of her ranting.

“how dare you Simisola ,thank God that I called your father to come pick you cause am fed up of your behaviour ,I told your mother not to marry an American man but she wouldn’t listen now look,it runs in your blood no respect at all.”grandma lamented and glared at me.

“my mom was a warrior and so am I ,look grandma I don’t take Nonsense oh! and why did you call my father?.” I said
she scoffed and stared at me” am tired of all this madness ,the complains are too much and am not yet ready to die .”she said and walk towards the stairs.
” and better go get ready cause someone would be here any minute to take you home to your father.”she said and laughed hard.
I hit the vase on the table and ran upstairs to my room,am not ready to say goodbye to my friends yet and Sissy even Femi
but yet I still do miss my father ,I bet he must really be missing me .
I quickly pulled off my cloth and entered the bathroom .
minutes later I was done,I dialled Sissy number and told her everything.
she was really heart broken ,I wish she could come with me.
I climbed my bed and slept off.
An hour later I felt someone tapping me ,I slowly opened my eyes and saw a beautiful lady smiling at me.
she smelled so nice.
“hello madam your father sent me to come pick you.”she said
wow!,she she speaks so well ,so do I but hers is better but how dare she interrupt. my beauty sleep .
“who said you could enter my room as you please.”I yelled at her.

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“we…..eee…lol ,you were sleeping and the lady outside said I should just enter and wake you up.”she said bowing her head.

“what Nonsense .”I said and stood up. ,she helped me carry my luggage’s as we both left the room .
I never really knew I had a lot of clothes,
well grandma always told me that my Dad had sent me clothes and shoes but I never really bordered to check them out until now.
I kept some things for Femi and Sissy ,I told Grandma to tell them before me and the lady left.
we walked out of our
compound and a car was parked outside .
the driver helped us with the luggage and we both got in the car and it drove away.
I just stared at my neighborhood ,am really gonna miss this place especially grandma ,I know she loves me but she’s just bottling up her feelings.
“are you okay miss?.”the lady asked me ,how dare she ask me a question ,why can’t she mind her own business.
it’s best I ignore her cause if I answer her she might not like what I’ll say.
“am really sorry Skylar ,it’s fine if you don’t want to talk to me .”she said and looked out the window.
finally she won’t bother me anymore .
an hour later ,what a drive finally we reached the airport .
she tried to hold my hand but I yanked her hands off.
“am not a child okay ,you don’t have to hold my hands okay.”I said angrily and walked ahead of them.
she did all the necessary things before we both walked towards an open field and I saw a plane.
“wow!”was the only word that escaped from my mouth.

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“it’s your Dad’s private plane,your really lucky.”she said and climbed the stairs of the plane.
I followed her and we both got in and sat down.
minutes later the plane took off ,she kept on talking and talking “God! I wonder when she’s gonna stop talking”I said,I sighed and closed my eyes.
An hour later I felt someone tapping me so I slowly opened my eyes and glared at that talkative.
she told me we had arrived ,I quickly sprang up from my chair and ran outside the plane (hurriedly down the stairs).
“finally am home .”I said and waited for her to come down.
what a day ,my butt hurts badly and I can’t believe I sat down for hours.
“the car is here Skylar .”she said and walked past me carrying my luggage ,I took some from her .
we entered the car and he drove away, can’t wait to see the look on Dad’s face when he see’s me and even Grandma.