October 3, 2022

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Brown Skin Girl. Episode 6

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BROWN SKIN GIRL (my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????????Logan’s p.o.v????????????

My name’s Logan Walker am 19years old,actually I have black hair but I sprayed it white.
am a play boy ,all the girls at Brimwood high wish they had a one night stand with me.
it’s so obvious to me that girls don’t really wanna be my friend instead they prefer I sleep with them,that’s why sometimes I really get bored.
I hang out with the coolest and richest kids in school.
students always love to welcome me whenever I enter the school premises,I play football and am our team captain and am well built ,my best colours white.
Sheila’s actually a chick that won’t just accept the fact that we are through .
Today’s Monday already and students were all in a hurry to enter their various classes.
minutes later Derek told me that a new girl challenged sheila.
ever since I started schooling here no girl could ever stand up against sheila and her minions but this new girl surprised me.
“she must be special.”I said to myself in a low tone.

“I’ve got to go men see you later.”Derek said and walked away.
I sighed and ran to meet my friends at the field,can’t believe I forgot that we had practice today.
after running for some time I finally reached the school field ,the boys had already started playing .
I quickly took off my shirt and wore our team jersey and ran to meet the other’s.
an hour later the game had finally come to an end.
I pulled off my jersey t-shirt and sat down in one of the benches ,all my friends came and sat down to with me.
we gisted and laughed ,we were so engrossed in our discussion that we didn’t notice someone talking to us.
“please excuse us.”a girl said ,another girls hands was wrapped around her neck.
my friends laughed and so did I”I mean the school nerd Nicky talking to us,isn’t it funny?.”I said mockingly.
and my friends started laughing ,I noticed that the girl she was holding was getting pissed but I don’t give a fuck about what she feels.
“who the hell do you think you are ?hah!.” the girl with black long hair said glaring at me.
I was impressed ,I mean am really impressed no girl has ever stood up to me before.
she slowly left the girl and walked towards me.
“do you know who you are talking ?.” I asked staring at her beautiful face.
she scoffed and laughed hard clapping her two hands together.
“look at you,what do you have to say for yourself,young boys like you don’t know how to use their precious time rather than to insult girls ,you got some nerve mister.”she said again pushing me back.
I sighed and held her wrist tight.
“hey look here princess why don’t you just go away hah! cause am sick and tired of this shit.”I said getting pissed.

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“oh! really ,your tired of this shit hah!,look here mister no goody too shoes,you better mind the way you talk to me okay cause the next time you talk to me any how ,I’ll kick you down there .”she said fiercely.
for a minute I was scared ,is she mad?
I really need my dick okay .
“enough okay go with your trouble am sick of it.”I said and turned my back against her and her friend.
she scoffed and started walking away.
I slowly turned and stared at her butt.
“oh! my God how can someone have a bottle shape as nice as this.”Liam said licking is lip.

“Ewwwww gross Liam she’s normal okay there’s nothing special about her.”I said disgusted.

“oh! keep quiet Logan a play boy like you talking like a saint,how hyprocrative of you.”mike said.

“whatever ,that girl is trouble okay ,the sooner you guys know that the better,am out .”I said and walked away .
but deep down she was really an hottie but a physo.
what a girl.