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High School Romance. Episode 4

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???? (#_in_love_with_the_rich)????

( #Jimi_pov)

My heart almost jumped into my mouth when I saw my neighbor’s daughter as she smiled, she blowed my a kiss and she gave me sign which means see you later, I smiled back and I waved to her, but how the hell did she got inside, I looked at the window and I did some calculations before I saw a dropof blood on the floor, I knew she might hurt her self while jumping through the window because of the nail, I quickly put on the new beautiful trainer’s and I knew I looked very different but thanks to alima, I ran outside my house and I took my bicycle without even asking of what to eat, I screamed and I said ** mama am off to school ** I was just too happy because of my new shoe, I dragged my bicycle alonged with me and I met alima at the road trying to stop a cab, I walked slowly to her and I covered her eyes, she was scared and she hold my cloth, then she smiled while crossing her finger wish means ????* I know it you, * ops guys I almost forgot to tell you she is deaf and dump, but you won’t believe it when you see are face she is the prettiest house maid I have ever seen, but the most interesting part about her was her urge to learn, thou she can’t talk and she can’t hear but she still have eyes to see and Read, she was denied education because of her condition, and I was always there for her to teach her the little thing she wants to know especially mathematics, teaching her is very hard, because you will have to explain to her with with signs,, I cut of my thought when she gave me a sign , which means don’t thank me for the shoe I bought for you, you worth it, I moved close to her and I kissed her on her forehead, she hold my hand and she smiled while she gave me a playful slap which means naughty boy, I stopped a car for her and she entered, I watch the car as it zoomed off, I stood there and I smiled for a few minutes before I realize I was getting late, I took my bicycle and I rode happily to my school, I got to the school gate, and I dragged my bicycle to the packing spot, and I ran to the assembly hall, I got there and I was breathing heavily, I stood on the line and I saw a man on the assembly hall stage floor, he was holding a ???? mic, and he said **we need one more contestant to competes in these competition,** I was so confused and I asked a guy in my front and he said ** best cook of the year ** I looked at him and I was so confused, I raised my hand to ask a question and the man told me to come out, the students arouse with noise and they all clapped for me, he look at me and said ** it looks like we got a new contestant in the game, i wanted to tell him am not here for the game before I saw alisha as she looked at me with disgust in her eyes, I looked down immediately and I was heart broken again , the man explain the rules and regulations to us and I was surprised to see the head preffect boy of the school, and I was surprised, must he compete in every damn competition, the assembly was finally over and I saw alisha as she walked pass me, I was still looking at her before someone tickled me, I looked back and I saw the girl who gave me an umbrella, she smiled and she pulled my cheek as if we have been a friend for a very long time, and she said ** are you still looking at her hun!! , let her go bro, by the way my name is juliana** I was about to tell her my name before she said * jimi farayola am I right *

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Jimi – (surprised) how the hell did you know my name

Juliana – I saw it on the scholarship I beged my dad to accept,

Jimi – who is your dad,

Juliana – the school owner and president

Jimi – oh my goodness ( he covered his mouth) what did you just say,

Juliana – you heard me right

Jimi – jeez I really need to meet this helper, I need to thank him can you take me to him,

Juliana – sure, but he is not in school right now , but before that, I also need your Favour,

Jimi – what’s that

Juliana – the competition stuff I wanna be your partner in the competition, I mean I wanna join your team,

Jimi – are sure you wanna team up with a poor guy, you should go join your rich fellows, I will do it by myself,

Juliana – please I really need to win these competition because of the trophy ????, I don’t need the grand prize, all I want is the trophy because……

Jimi – pls excuse me am geeting late for class,

I walked out on her and I heard her she screamed * is it my fault that am rich, why can’t I associate with a poor guy *, I stopped and I was surprised at what she said, I turned back and I saw her as she smiled, she walked to me and she said *am I in * I looked at her for a while and she was looking at me like a wet cat which need help, and she said * pls pls pls pls, * I nodded my head and I said *you are in* she smiled and she hugged me which made me feel her soft breasts on my chest, and I parted her back, I quickly push her gently when I saw alisha passing by with her friends, she looked at my eyes and she said** you so much loved this girl, anyway am going to my class **, I watched her as she leave , and I walked straight to my class, the class was so boring that day and everyone noticed I was moody, including some of the teachers, I heard the bell for break and I walked to the school stadium ????, I saw some student playing foot ball including the head preffect boy, I was still looking around before I saw alisha and I friends, I sat down like a hungry gorilla looking at a bunch of banana ????, I looked at her as she was busy laughing and joking with her friends, while she was cheering up the head preffect boy , I knew something is fishy between the two of them, I kept on looking at her as tears droped down from my eyes, I smiled with the tears on my face, and the pain of loosing feel my body again, I was about burst into another tears before juliana sat down besides me and she said ** what a view **, I looked at her with the tears in my eyes and I said, ** am still glad she is happy **

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juliana – (smile) yeah she is

Jimi ( he wiped out his tears) I wish she keep on smiling like these, even thou she broke up with me, I don’t want her to be sad ,

Juliana – she will never knew what she had until she looses it, anyway lets forget about that, where are we going to practice our food competition stuff, I really need to practice I can’t cook anything,

Jimi – that another problem,

Juliana – let us use your house

Jimi – what!!!!