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High School Romance. Episode 6

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???? (#_in_love_with_the_rich)????



( #Jimi_pov)

My heart beat increased immediately she asked, and I replied her with a shaky voice * yes * she gave me a weird funny look and she said * wow I love it * she ran inside without even waiting for me to lead the way. I smiled and I followed her in, immediately she saw my mum she kneel down to greet my mum like a newly married bride and my mum prayed for her while she was saying amen, I was so surprised when my mum said * is these alisha ** I nodded my head and I said ** no ma, this is Juliana ** my mum smiled at me and she walked to the kitchen, I watch Juliana as she keep looking at every corner in the house, and she said ** nice house ** I knew she was only teasing me because no one will call these house a nice one, she sat on our dusty sofa and she keep bouncing on it as if she was just too excited to be in my house, I took a stood at the corner and I sat on it, I looked at her with a serious face and I said ** so where do we start our cooking practice from ** she replied me ** after eating your mums food, ** I smiled and I said ** you can’t eat what we are cooking, it not for people like you **


Juliana – (frown) stop telling me all this shit, I don’t like it, I always feel like am embarrassed

Jimi – hmmm if you insist (he stood up)

Juliana – (talking childishly) where are you going again now

Jimi – (smile) I wanna buy something

Juliana – let us go together

Jimi – sit down I will be back very soon, the place am going to is not far

Juliana – ok


I left her on the sofa while she was busy pressing her phone, immediately I went out of our compound I saw some of my neighborhood friend , and they start hailing me saying ** Jimi you be agba ooo, see this fine babe wey you carry come your house wey be like abandoned pottery, ** I smiled and I said ** she is just my friend jor ** I was about to start going before another one said ** omo so that girl na your friend, I swear the the girl make, you no see are big yanch, Jimi abeg give me her number ** I looked at him and I said ** I can’t, you can woo her when she comes outside ** the next thing he said made me burst in to laughter ** how you want make I take face that kind girl, bobo me I no get the courage to face her ooo, she too sexy pass my level, ** I pated him in the shoulder and I said ** abeg no vex I won by something for baba mallam side ** I took that excuse so that they can let me go, I went straight to a mallam shop and I bought 2 Endomie table pack with 2 egg and a can of sardine, I paid him with the rest of the money I had and I was completely empty, I took it home and I gave it to my mum, I told her to cook it for Juliana, and I went straight to my room, I was surprised when I saw her snapping pictures on my flat dirty bed, and I cleared my throat, she looked at me and she laugh ,

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Juliana- (smile) I love your room

Jimi – thanks

Juliana – I love the way you put everything in place, I wish I could pass a night here,

Jimi – have you ever got bitten by mosquito before

Juliana – no, how does it feel when it bite you.

Jimi – hmmmm not too painful

Juliana – then I can still manage

I saw her looking outside as the rain threatened to fall, she smiled and she took out a head phone ???? in her bag and she put it on her neck, she stood up and she ran outside my room, I was surprised and I said ** what is wrong with this girl** I went out side with her and I saw her dancing in the heavy rain, she keeps on smiling which shows her white small teeth, I wonder why she love dancing and and smiling in the rain, I rest my back on the door while I was watching her dancing happily, then alisha came back to my mind and my eyes was full with tears ready to start falling, I quickly cleaned the tears in eyes when I heard my mums voice, I called her name 4 times and she didn’t hear, so I had to enter the rain and I taped her, she looked at me and she remove the headphone ???? in her ear, and I was so shocked when she hugged me, her soft breast rest on my bear chest and I stood there looking like a dummy, she hugged me for a while and she dragged me inside our house, I was dripping wet, and I start shivering, I wonder why she never feel anything like cold, she looked at me and she said ** are you cold ** I replied her with * yes *


Juliana – I need to change my cloths too, let us go and change it in your room,

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jimi – but which cloth are you going to wear

Juliana – (smile) yours of cos, or am I too fat to wear your clothes,

Jimi – (smile) no you are not

Juliana – what did your mum cook

Jimi – I don’t know

Juliana – ok let go to your room

I tried controlling my self not to look at her breast in the wet shinny gown that she wore, I could vividly see her pointed brown nipple forcing it way out of her bra, I looked away when she almost caught me, I took her to my room and she said ** where are the clothes ** I bent down and I dragged out my “”Ghana most go” bag and I brought out my Chelsea Jesse , the one I bought on my formal school inter house sport day, I gave it to her and she collected it, she place it on my bed and she said ** pls can you help me zip down my gown, she turn her back to me and I ziped down her wet gown, she was about to start pulling it off before I walked out of the room, I saw my mum as she set the food on the mat and she said ** where is she ** I told her she is inside, juliana called my name and I turn back, my eye ball almost popped out of my eyes ???? when I saw her sexy shape in the Jesse she wore, I swallowed my spit and she frowned she said **jimi I don’t like these, it is too tight, maybe I should check your bag myself ** she walked back to my room while I watch her big bouncing butt as she entered the room, I stood there for a few minutes and I called her name, she answered ** a minutes pls * I wonder what she is still doing in my room, maybe she is looking at some of my text book, I sat down on the mat and I rinse my hand in the pure rain water my mum brought inside, I dragged my eba and warmed bitter leaf , which had a lot of water in it, I was about to start eating before I saw juliana in my old Balenciaga sweat shirt, with my joggers , I opened my mouth and I said ** why would you choose to wear this, besides the joggers need to be stitched ** she walked to me and she sat on the mat besides me without saying a word, she smiled and she put on the hood on the sweat shirt, and she said ** I so much lllllooovvvveee it ** she looked at the ganished noddle with sandine that my mum prepared for her and she said ** what is this ** and my mum said ** indomie ** she looked at her and she said ** for who ** I looked at her and I said ** for you now **

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Juliana – why are we not eating the same thing

Jimi – because no money

Juliana – so this what you went to buy earlier, anyway I don’t want it ( she drag jimi mums plate with the eba, and she passed her noodles to her)

Jimi – (surprised) what are you doing Juli

Juliana – this is what I wanna it, pass me the water let me rinse my hand

Jimi – are you serious

Juliana – oooo God jimi pass it to me am starving,

Jimi – are you out of your mind, you cant eat this,

Juliana – at least am not using your mouth so what’s your problem, just give me and let me eat this thing (she smiled)

Jimi – ( he passed the water to her) hmm OK


I watch her as she washed are beautiful small hands and she drag the eba to her front as if she going to war, I looked at her amazingly and I close my eye when she swallowed a junk of the eba, she spitted it out and I quickly catch it with my hand, and she said **don’t worry am good ** she continue eating it and I knew she was eating with force, I could vividly read the expression on her face and I said ** Juli stop forcing yourself on what you can not enjoy ** she smiled and she concentrate on the food and I was surprised when she ate half of it, she drank water from our stainless silver cup and she stood up, I noticed she was breathing hard and I stood up, I looked at her and she said ** am tired **, I was about to say sorry before she ran outside to vomit ????, I quickly gave her water to clean her mouth, its looks like she over feed, but why would she do that to her self ** I took her to my room for the food to digest in her stomach, she sat on my bed and I was shocked to death when she started gasping for air, she hold her chest and started coughing, I thought it a joke before she fell to the floor