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Hospital Romance. Episode 16

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????????HOSPITAL ROMANCE????????
????{cold and crazy meets again}????

???? Episode 16 ????

???? Nala’s POV.
Oh my!
God am in a mess.

How could I have lost guard.
How could I?

Damien didn’t use protection and I remembered taking pills.
But Noah didn’t and I didn’t also take any pills.

I took a PT from my drawer and mom glanced at me.
“Nala what’s happening?”mom asked me.

I shrugged and ignored her and went into the bathroom.
If I am pregnant then it’s Noah’s.

I smiled and put the PT in the pill that contained my pee.
I went out feeling nervous.

Mom was still in my room looking at me keenly.
“Nala are you pregnant?”Mom asked frowning.

“I think so mom but I have to be sure”I said.
“What?”she exclaimed slightly.

“Mom Noah and I are having a baby the least I want from you is for you to spoil my mood”I said.

“Noah?”mom said and I frowned.
“Yes!”I said and she smiled.

“I am going to tell Hailey”mom said and I smiled.
“Mom let the test am taking be positive first”I said and she nodded.

I went to the bathroom and took it out and it was positive.
Oh damn!!

I am really pregnant.
Anna you will have to take that child of yours away.

Noah and I are becoming parents.
I went to my room grinning widely and mom squealed.

“It’s positive?”Mom asked and I nodded.
She squealed happily and left my room.

I took my cellphone and dialed Noah’s number.
He wasn’t picking up!

I will go to his parents house later.
Now I need a good rest.
Can’t believe am pregnant.

☃️ Noah’s POV.

“Arrrgh”I mumbled slightly.
I woke up with a striking headache.

Today is a bad day for me.
Yesterday’s night with my son was great.

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Still can’t believe I have a son.
I went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.

My cell phone rang , I checked the ID and it was mom.
I chuckled and and left it there.

I don’t have time for morning quarrelling.
I left the house yesterday and came to my mansion.

I am twenty seven and I still leave with them.
So they are controlling my life like a twelve year old.

It rang again and it was Nala.
What does she want?

After that night I’ve grown this sudden hatred for her.
I switched my cell phone off and went to take a shower.

I was dressing when my dell bell rang.
It’s only Blake and Theresa who knows my house and that d*ck headed Edward apart from my parents.

Edward is my cousin.
I opened the door and found Blake grinning at me.
“What?”I asked and he smirked.

“I missed you”Blake said and shrugged.
“Idiot”I muttered and he entered.

“I went to your house your mom was sad , she said you left”Blake said and I laughed.

Mom? Sad?
“She is just acting”I said and Blake frowned.

“What do you mean?”he asked.
“Mom knew Anna was pregnant when we separated”I said and Blake scoffed.

“Are you serious?”he asked and I nodded.
“Yes!”I said and he was shocked.

“How?”he asked again.
“Turns out Mom bumped into Anna the day she was leaving town and have her a sheet to give me”I said.

“Oh! , so the sheet contained the news”blake said and I nodded.

“So dude what’s up with your son?”blake asked and I smiled.

“He is my son , his name is Diego and he is three years , very calm but stubborn” I said and he chuckled.

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“Let’s get something to eat am hungry and we have a shift today”blake said and I frowned.

“What shift?”I said and he got up going towards the kitchen.

“Theresa called today!”he said and I sighed.
I wanted to spend time with Diego.

I smiled at the thought of him before going to the kitchen.


“Mom I want to go with you”Diego whined in his tiny voice.
“Diego it’s work am going to”I said to feeding him.

“But mom I can’t stay with Natalie” he said eating.
“Why?”Carla asked cleaning the kitchen.

“She likes teasing me” he said and I chuckled.
“If you go with us there will be rules”I said and he nodded.

“Let’s go get dressed”I said and he smiled.
Thanks Momma”he said and I ruffled his hair.

“Will daddy be there?”he asked and I sighed.
“I don’t know”I said washing the plates.

Well Theresa called this morning for us to come to the hospital.
Lots of work are to be done.

And today is not a school day so Diego has to go with us.

We got ready and made way outside.
“Diego you won’t disturb Carla and I when we are working”I said whiles Carla locked the apartment.

“I promise aunt Carla”he said , I smiled and we hailed a cab to the hospital.
????????????FEW MINUTES LATER ????????????

We arrived at the hospital and Theresa approached us.

“Anna , thank heavens you came there’s a lot of work”Theresa said and glanced at Diego who was with Carla.

“Well , no one was at home”I said and shrugged.
She nodded and smiled at Diego.

“How are you?”Theresa asked Diego.
“Am fine”he said smiling.

Theresa smiled and we entered.
“There was a plane crush in Manhattan and they were rushed here , the Manhattan hospitals were filled up”Theresa said and I nodded.

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Carla and I went to the dressing room with Diego.
I changed and went to attend to some patients whiles Carla was filling some forms with Diego by his side.

“Momma , I want to pee”I turned and saw Diego.
“Diego” I said and went to him.

“Diego?”I turned to see Noah smiling at him.
“Daddy”Diego said runny towards him.

I watched them hug and Noah kisses his forehead.
“You okay?”he asked Diego and he nodded.

“I just wanna pee”Diego said and he nodded.
He ignored me and took Diego away.

???? Nala’s POV.

I got to the hospital feeling angry.
Theresa spoilt my mood.

I got down from my car and made way too inside.
I stopped at the receptionist to sign in and saw Noah’s name.

He is here.
I am going to tell him.

I rushed inside to see him with a little boy.
I went up to meet them and saw the little boy’s face.

Anna and Noah’s son.
“Noah?”I said and he looked up at me.

“Hey!”he said and shrugged.
“Diego let’s go and-” I turned to see Anna coming in.

Her words trailed off when she saw me.

“Hey Nala”she cooed and I smiled.
“Anna”I said and she smiled lightly.

“Momma , daddy tok me to pee” the little boy said.
No doubt he is Noah’s son.

Anna nodded and motioned for him to come to her.
“Where are you taking him to?”Noah asked her.

I scoffed looking at them.

“Noah I have good news for you”I said smiling widely and he snorted.
“What news?”he asked and Carla came in.

Perfect timing……