January 26, 2023

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Hospital Romance. Episode 4

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????{cold and crazy meets again

???? Episode 4 ????

???? Anna ????
I looked at Noah with watery eyes.
He is still as handsome as ever.

Short curly black hair , cute pink lips.
I sighed deeply , those eyes that showed me love are now looking at me…

With anger and hatred.
I can’t be here!!

“I can’t accept the offer”I said and he smirked.

“The procedures are already done , enjoy your stay”he said and got up and left the office.

“Anna , calm down are you okay” Nala said and I smiled.

She was our friend in highschool.
What a coincidence to meet her here.

“Yes! , Excuse me “I said and left the office.

I bumped into some one and looked up.
Oh God! , Not again!!

“Where your eyes f*cking closed” he asked.

“I am sorry ” I said and picked up the files from the floor.

He snorted and left.
Who is this guy?

I shrugged and wiped my tears.
Now that he hates me God!!

☺️ Carla ????

I stared at the b*tch.
Still looking as evil as ever.

“Hi Carla” Nala said and I scoffed.
Acting like she cared.

“Hi , Nala”I said sarcastically and she smiled.

“We should put our feud aside , we are_”she tried saying and I stopped her.

“Friends? , Please don’t go that way , just stay away from Anna and I okay” I said.

“Carla I apologized long time ago , am sorry” she said.

“Don’t act , it doesn’t suit you”I said and left her.

I went to Theresa’s office to take some files when I saw some one walking down the hall way.

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No! No!
I have seen those eyes before.

He came nearer and I gasped.
The jerk!
What is he doing here?

????️ Noah ????️

“How is your knee?”I asked the little boy examining his knee.

“It’s fine doctor Noah”he tiny voice said and I smiled.

“So you will be going home tommorow , okay!”I said and he smiled and nodded.

“Thanks” he said and ruffled his her and got up to leave.

I went to my office and saw Blake there.
“You missed me?” I asked and he scoffed .

I sat down near him and the some one knocked.
“Come in”I said and Blake shrugged.

“Hello buddy!”a voice said.
That voice?

I turned to see him smirking.
What is he doing here?

Damien Sanchez!

???? Nala ????

When Carla left I scoffed and smirked.
I left to the dressing room.

When I came out I heard voices.
I peeped into Noah’s office and saw him.

He came.
My plans are falling into place.
I smiled and went to look for Anna.

She is in for a shocker!!!
Surprise Anna Hudgens!!!!