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I Hate To Love Him. Episode 1

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I Hate To Love Him

Episode 1

we meet again.

lola’s point of view

I increased my foot steps as I walked down the stairs – ‘what did he want now?’ I thought .
I had just seen that one guy I hated all my life in the lecture hall, my tormentor. I had swore I would do everything to avoid him the first time I saw him in my department which was during the registrations for courses I’ll be taking for the semester.
I just gained an admission into the federal university of technology akure to study quantity survey after two years of sitting at home doing nothing except studying. now that am here I promised myself I was going to enjoy myself no matter what, even though am an introvert. at least things should be better than my days in secondary school, where I had only one friend – now not that it isn’t cool, but I wanted more friends.

Noah made it so difficult for me back then to keep friends . why?

1. the stupid kids in my class listened to everything he told them without questioning.
2. I was more like a geek, and nobody liked people like me who dressed unfashionably.

I and Noah had became enemies when I defended my best friend rose , we were both timid girls, but at least some one had to stand up for the other. I had confronted Noah to stay away from rose and ever since that very day he did everything in his power to frustrate me.

Although things never got that physical until a day he tried to touch me, or should I say he did touch me.
yea my bre@st.

I couldn’t tell anyone or report him to the school authourity because I was scared, and it might even make people hate my more. nobody messed with their little ‘god’.He had cornered me along the school corridor and dragged me into an empty class which we called the ‘dark room’.It was a room which no class used. People go there to do all sort of things, some read there when they don’t feel like going to the library while some go there to you-know-what.
Till today I still dont know where I got that crazy strength to push him away from me. I was lost in my thoughts when I felt a warm hand grab me, I looked backed and stared into those small piercing eyes, I stood still and I didn’t move. we both stared at each other for some seconds before I broke the silence. “get your hands off me” I growled.

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“i know you hate me Lola, but can we move past what had happened – i–am really sorry”.

“just get your hands off me” I couldn’t think of anything to say to him, I just wanted to be left alone.He shrugged before backing away and raised his hands in surrender.

‘arrogant p—k’ I muffled under my breath.

“oh! I hate him rose” I groaned. “he’s still arrogant, you needed to see the way he spoke sef”.
rose sighed before turning her attention to me “yea – I know you do. hate is a strong word you know?”

“yea . whatever” I rolled my eyes before giving my friend the speak to the hands sign.

“don’t let him get to you, besides he might truly be sorry and just wants to be your friend. if you don’t like the idea of being friends ignore him, with time he’ll leave you alone” rose said.

‘i think that’s what I’ll do’. I thought withing my self.

so guys what do you think about this chapter, hope you liked it. believe it or not there are many people who get bullied especially in our secondary school. it makes some people stronger while it makes some more weak whichever way bullying has moulded us as a Person we all know bullying is bad. some people derive joy in bullying people, while some really don’t . some bullies are actually victims too. they only look for someone weaker who they can take out anger on.

whatsap message

” oh ooo! mummy have heard you jor. am not a baby anymore” I said.

“don’t you dare talk to me that way, ever talk to me that way. ever. 7:30pm is late already”my Mimi screamed into the phone , I took the phone away from my ear to avoid hearing more of her screams.

” hello… He – l – lo”my mum shouted from the other end. I pulled my phone back to my ear in other to avoid more scolding.

“motigbo(i have heard you), I’ll just go back home then. my regards to dad” I said before my mum cut the call.
I was still grumbling when I heard someone call my name , I looked towards the direction of the figure walking towards me. I couldn’t figure who it was, so I backed away. Although the voice sounded so familiar, it was the voice of a guy. He walked closer to me until I realised who it was……

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I looked at his tall figure. He stopped in front of me and his eyes scanned my face. He looked gorgeously handsome, but I hated the fact someone that wicked could be this good looking. There’s Something about his appearance that affects me. Even way back when we were younger.He carried himself with so much confidence or should I say pride.
He smirked at ” I don’t think it’s safe walking alone here. it’s getting late alrea-”

“oh! Save it” I waved my hand at his face.

” okay, what’s good Lola?”


“would you mind if I take a walk with you?”

“like you are not walking with me already” I said icily, before moving away a little to keep my distance from him.

“can we just start over Lola? please!”. I scoffed and looked away, Noah reached for my hand and pulled me closer to him, he tilted my chin up and made me face him. I looked into his eyes, then I pushed him away from me.

” stop acting like you are a better person now. you’ll always be that mean arrogant bastard, who thinks too highly of himself”. He looked at me with hurtful eyes . He was mad at me, his eyes had already turned red, but I didn’t care, I wanted to hurt him with my words.

” okay. can I at least have your number”. He looked at me with an innocent eye, and poured like a puppy. He walked towards me again .

“what? I already told you to stay away from me. I don’t care if you’ve. changed or not” I roared . He chuckled at my sudden outburst,and held me.

‘wow! what a psycho , what’s so funny to him?’ I thought.

” give me your phone then”

“you don’t control me”i struggled from his grip but he wouldn’t let go, he was stronger than ibthought . I was getting irritated and I couldn’t stand him any longer, he looked at me intently and snatched my phone from my hand, I tried to get the phone from him but he held on tightly to it as he dialled a number on my phone before pointing it back to me which I snatched away from his hands. I closed my eyes before walking away from him without looking back.

It was already 8pm when I walked back home where rose and I rented a self contained apartment. we had decided we weren’t going to stay in the school hostel where four people lived together in a room, we wanted our privacy. once I got to a shop close to my apartment, I decided to get bread , three eggs and a yougurt drink for rose and I before hurrying back home.

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Noah’s pov
I looked at her retreating figure as she walked away from me, I had seen her when she walked out of her apartment and I decided to trail her before calling out her name, she looked so beautiful now, not that she wasn’t good looking then. But now she’s just so different. I had always had this thing for Lola when we were younger but I couldn’t tell her, it had always been easy for me to get any girl I wanted then, but she was different she wasn’t the kind of girl with the fake attitude, she had always been real from day one. she had always been a shy but real girl, but there’s just something different about her now that fascinates me, the more she hates me the more am attracted to her. I saved her phone number on my phone and stored her name as cutie , yes is a real cutie and an extremely beautiful girl, with a nice complementing skins tone, and a curvacious body. One most guys would do anything to make her their girl, and I am so determined whatever it would take, I’ll make her mine, no matter
what it cost me.


I woke up to someone tapping me, groaned and yawned, before I jerked fully awake to the voice my friend

“Rose” I said

“Yes, how you now?” She said smiling in way that only showed her pearly white teeth, her smile always made her look so beautiful.
“How was your evening? Hope you’ve eaten”

“Yes I have eaten. And my day was fine until I ran into Noah again,I think he lives in the same area with us”.
“Are you serious? So you ran into him again” rose said with an amused smile
“Yea. Why are you smiling”

“Nothing”she chuckled.

“It’s not funny”

“I think he likes you Lola, why don’t you just give him a chance”.

“He’s just up to his usual games” I frowned at her.

“Chill, what’s with the frown. Am just saying maybe he like you”

Does he like me now? .. I thought within myself before I got a whatsap message from an unknown number.

Unknown number: hi

Me :hello, who is this pls?

Unknown number:Noah……