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Brown Skin Girl. Episode 4

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BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????????

????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

????????????EPISODE 4????????????

????????????Mr Morris’s p..o.v????????????????
it’s been hours since she left and it’s already night time.
I really can’t wait to see her.

“it’s gonna be fine son,your daughter’s gonna be here any moment from now”she said smiling

“I know but I can’t just wait.”I said smiling sheepishly.
minutes later I heard a knock on the door and a maid quickly went to open it.
“good evening ma please come in.”may said and walked away.
I turned to check who my maid was talking to and I couldn’t help it but smile and cry at the same time,
how I really missed her.
she ran and hugged me tight before hugging grandma ,she’s all grown up now and she’s beautiful just like her mother.
I really missed her.
“wow!, Dad look at you.”she said caressing my cheeks.

“Skylar what happened to your hair?” I asked staring at her sexy eyes.

“what do you mean Dad? ,this is my natural hair.”she said

“wow!,it’s so long .”I said smiling.

“oh!, whatever Dad am so tired ,I really need to close my eyes and sleep ,sorry grandma.”she said yawning,I held her hand and we both walked upstairs.
finally my daughter’s home.
“I’ll talk to her later ,I have an important meeting to attend to son.”my mom said and walked away.

“okay mom ,thanks for coming to see her.”I said before i resumed walking .

????????????Skylar’s p.o.v????????????
The next day
“wow!,it’s morning already.”
I really can’t believe that my Dad is the owner of this Mansion.
my room is really heaven,the walls are painted white ,the bedsheets are white ,in fact everything is white .
my Dad really remembered that my favorite colour is white.
I stared at everything in my room and smiled ” this is really the life I always wanted”
I entered a different place in my room and saw so many clothes.

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“wow!,is all these really mine ?.”I said touching all of them.

“yeah they’re all yours,do you like them?.”a voice said behind me.
I slowly turned back and saw my Dad all dressed up.
I wondered where he wants to go to this early.
“Dad what’s the occasion?.”I asked with raised brows.

“am going to work so I thought that you would love to come with me.”he said and smiled at me.
so handsome ,he really looks so young ,money’s really talking.
“yeah !, sure I would love to go to work with you Dad .”I said and quickly dashed inside the bathroom.

“I’ll be waiting for you downstairs okay! or meet me at the car.”he said and walked away.
being the only daughter of a famous billionaire is gonna be fun .
minutes later I had already finished with everything.
I wore a white suite and white heels and packed my hair up in a ponytail using a white hair band.
I didn’t apply any makeup on ,I quickly carried my small white school bag and quickly ran to meet my Dad.
we wore matching outfits,get ready people your new boss has arrived .
I smirk and entered the white Lamborghini .
what a long ride ,me and dad went to different places and finally we arrived at the company.
he came down from the car and opened my door for me.
my Dad is really a gentle man,we both walked inside and all his employees were staring at us.
“I’ll be back Skylar ,I have an important meeting and feel free to explore the place and feel free to ask my secretary anything okay.”
I dusted my skirt and nodded “no problem old man.”I said and winked at him.
he smiled and pecked my cheeks and walked away.
I noticed that all his male workers were drooling over me.
I sat down close to a lady who was busy typing on the computer and she was also making a phone call.
I quickly glanced at her and looked away ,how can my Dad’s secretary be dressed like this ,so seductive.
how can someone dress like this and to work.
“oh!,I know she wants to seduce my Dad ,as long as am here her plan won’t work,what a cheap secretary.”I laughed with in me and decided to start a conversation.

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“hello!,my Dad’s secretary.”I said mockingly.
she slowly stared at me with disgust and scoffed.

“what do you want Skylar ?.”she asked trying hard to be nice.
she doesn’t know who she’s talking to.

“is this how a secretary is supposed to dress for work ?.”I asked her and immediately her facial expression changed.
“just because your father’s Mr Morris doesn’t mean you can talk to me anymore you spoilt brat.”she said and hissed.

“at least you admitted that my father’s Mr Morris your boss ,you have no right to talk to me as you please and the next time I’ll see you dressed like you might as well kiss your job good bye.”I said and walked away .

“I hate you witch.”she said glaring at me .
I smiled and laughed hard.

“and I love you slut ,no wonder my Dad never really looked at you twice ,are you sure those clothes are yours ,you seem too old to be in love with my Dad and as long as am alive you can never get married to my Dad you gold digger .”I said and walked away.

????????????Devika’s p.o.v????????????
what in the world .
“who does she think she is to talk to me like that? .”I asked

“you really have to stay away from that devil of a child cause she might spoil your plans.”Becky said

“I know but have never been humiliated like this in my life.”I said and smashed the glass of wine on the tiled floor.

“calm down baby ,you still have time to execute your plan.”Becky said reassuringly .

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I smiled and pecked her cheek “your right Becky ,I’ll just have to do something that he would have no other choice but to Marry me.”I said smirking.
“now that’s the spirit Devika ,don’t let that rag intimidate you.” Becky assured me ,I nodded and hug her tight.

“she had better not get in my way or else I’ll end her .”I said smiling.

“come on let’s go lunch break is almost over ,you don’t want our boss to come here and shout at us do you .”Becky said standing up ,I helped her clean up her plates and we both walked inside.